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Even the most carefully made plans can fall apart, especially when they include money. For example, let’s say you’ve put aside some money in a rainy day fund. Then, the rainy day comes, and you spend a good chunk of that money. No problem because that’s what it is therefore. The problem is that soon after you pay for the first crisis, something else happens. Not only must you spend the rest of the fund, you need more money to pay for the emergency. What can you when there is no money cash available? Maybe it’s time to consider alternative funding, such as title loans in Suamico.

Understanding Title Loans Suamico

When you pledge your vehicle in exchange for a loan, it is known as a title loan. You don’t actually give the lender your car to get the cash, just turn in the title. When you pay off the debt, the lender returns your car title. Anyone who is at least 18 years old can apply for title loans in Suamico. They need to have a job that supplies them with money to pay the loan back, but their income can also come from unemployment benefits, a pension or another source. Vehicles used as loan security must be paid off and have no liens.

Title Loans Suamico Application Procedure

Click through the vehicle options to find your make, model and year, then add the mileage, your name and some contact information. We will give you a loan estimate, and a loan associate will call you to discuss your options. In addition to talking about the income you will use to pay back the loan, you and the agent will go over the condition of your vehicle to get a more accurate assessment of its value. That is how the final loan amount is determined, and may involve a quick inspection. Once you finish the paperwork, just turn in the title, and collect the cash.

Legal Requirements

Loan amounts can be as much as $25,000. Individual borrowers may only get an amount that equals one-half the value of their vehicle or is lower than that. Loan terms can be up to six months long.

Before giving a title loan to a customer, lenders must give that customer a written account of all the money that the borrower must repay. Before taking a vehicle for non-payment of a loan, the lender must give the borrower 20 days notice.


Title loans have a very high rate of approval because they are collateral-based, and credit checks are not normally used. How great is that for people credit problems? So often, having poor or bad credit or a bankruptcy on your record means an automatic denial when you try to get loan. With title loans in Wisconsin, all you need is the vehicle collateral and a way to pay back the loan.

Title loans in Suamico are great stress reducers because they get you the cash you need to fix a money problem. They also relieve the stress of trying to find that much needed cash, going through the process of trying to get approved for it and waiting an unknown amount of time to find out if the answer is yes or no. With title loans in Green Bay and Suamico, the answer is most often yes.

Midwest Title Lender offers flexible schedules, meaning your payment dates aren’t the same as another customer. Your payments are worked out for your benefit, and if something happens to change that, let us know. Midwest Title Lender is happy to reorganize or renew the loan so you can make your payments and avoid defaulting on the loan.


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