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Why should I give title loans Green Bay a shot?

We aren’t going to cover anything up: Short-term loan solutions have a negative stigma about them that’s owed to the malpractice of lending agencies over the years. In response to this, various federal and state laws have been passed to keep payday, cash advance and title loan companies in check to ensure those scams never happen again. Still, some companies try to cheat the system. Fortunately, Midwest Title Lender is here to be the one that changes your mind about everything for the better. After all, we’re here to help you with your financial struggles — not make them worse.

Title loans Green Bay hold several advantages over their cash advance and payday siblings. Ask yourself this: Are you willing to briefly part ways with the title that represents a vehicle that you’ve paid off and legally own? If that answer is yes, then look no further — title loans Green Bay are not only the most economical option and get the money to you faster than other loan types, we also require no credit score checks of any kind. Title loans impose the lowest fees and interest rates, and they can get the cash to you as soon as the very same day you apply.

But I need my car to make the money that pays the loan back!” No worries — we don’t do anything to the vehicle itself while we wait for you to pay us back. The only thing that we hold on to is the title itself, which is the legal representation of the vehicle. Once you’ve paid off the loan, you’ll receive the title back in pristine condition — no questions asked, no strings attached. We also accept titles to other motorized vehicles, such as boats and motorcycles.

You can carry out title loans Green Bay up to the highest allowable trade value of the vehicle behind the title that you’ve offered us. This amount is also affected by your income history.

What about applying for title loans Green Bay?

So, you’re probably thinking right about now, “This is where you guys are going to mess everything up, right?” And truthfully, we can’t blame you for feeling that way — other lending companies tend to badger their applicants with a process that wants to know everything from your typing speed to your knits per second with the world’s smallest sewing needle. Why do these details matter? They don’t. That’s why we keep the process short and sweet — 30 seconds at most, to be exact.

All we ask for is the following:

  • your name
  • a phone number that we can contact you at as soon as possible
  • your ZIP code for verification
  • the type of vehicle that you’re offering us the title to (car, motorcycle, boat, and so on)
  • the make, model and year of this vehicle
  • the rough mileage for value calculation purposes, which determines the size of title loan you can carry out

Once everything’s sent through, just sit back and take it easy while we quickly review everything and touch back with a free title loan quote. We also offer a title loan calculator to smooth out the wrinkles in the decision process, as we know it’s a big decision to part ways with your title for that much-needed money. Have no fear — we are legally bound to walk you through the process so you know exactly what you’re signing up for.

Once you’ve decided to commit, we’ll carry things to the next step and request your employment information and proof of identity. These are another legal step we’re required to take in ensuring that you’re a) who you say you are, and b) capable of paying back the loan and its associated fees. Once everything’s taken care of, we waste no time depositing the cash in your account — everything is sweet!

To summarize, when applying for title loans Green Bay, we recommend that you ensure the following:

  1. There are no liens or suspensions on the title that you’re offering us. These could prevent you from getting a title loan.
  2. You should have proof of solid and steady income that shows your willingness and ability to compensate the loan and its fees in timely order.
  3. You should have a legally acceptable form of identification on hand to present us when we call.

Are there laws in Wisconsin covering my side of the deal?

Absolutely! Midwest Title Lender emphasizes knowledge of laws that protect our customers when they temporarily part with their hard-earned title. We’re not just some random upstart company with an odd idea to make money — we actually have a number of legal hoops to jump. (Did we mention that they’re on fire, too?)

As a leading provider of title loans in the Midwest, we’d like you to consider the following for your peace of mind:

  1. No lender may increase their interest meterage beyond 10%. This is a nationwide law without exception. No lender — payday, cash advance, title loans, doesn’t matter who — is permitted to boost your rates above 10%. The only time this is acceptable is if a judge calls for it in the court of law, which is rare. Fortunately, the industry-low rates of title loans Green Bay means you have nothing to worry about here.
  2. All title loan representatives are required to be legally licensed. It’s true: Every representative from Midwest Title Lender is certified in their line of business. This is required to keep close legal tab on the exchanges made by employees who have the power to create and distribute title loans. The law takes the trade seriously!
  3. The conditions of the loan may not be altered after everything’s been inked in. That means, we can’t just fumble the paperwork, lose the signatures, and then change everything up on you at the last second. We are bound to the agreement, and clean documentation of all distributed title loans is a legal requirement on our part.
  4. We can’t misguide you in the process of carrying out a title loan. This means that we can’t distribute a loan that you’re demonstrably incapable of repaying in timely order. If your income history isn’t up to snuff with the loan size that you’re requesting, we simply can’t create a loan of that size for you.
  5. Your vehicle can’t be repossessed until 30 days after you’re delinquent on your payments. Because title loans can’t be created for a term longer than 30 days, you have effectively 60 days total to pay everything back before we’re legally permitted to claim the vehicle that’s represented by the title in our possession. In many cases, title loan companies are forgiving and will expand this window.

Sounds like a winner.

We aren’t just another company that creates title loans in Wisconsin. Our aim is to assist others in financial need by emphasizing what puts title loans Green Bay ahead of the competition. By pushing the fastest delivery times and keeping our fees even lower than other title loan companies, we make it no secret that this is more than just a business to us.

Let’s check out those benefits one more time:

  1. Title loans are easy. With the world’s fastest application process and no credit checks to trip you up, getting your foot in the door is no problem.
  2. Title loans are fast. Having the cash in your account within 24 hours or less means one thing: Those fast-approaching bills are going to be taken care of on time.
  3. Title loans are economical. Imposing the lowest overhead charges in the industry of short-term lending solutions, title loans make it easy to focus on repaying what you borrowed — not the excess on top.

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