Car Title Loans Missouri

Title Loans in Raytown, MO

Growing up, you had the best parents. All of your friends wished their parents were more like yours.

Mom and Dad gave you every advantage they could so your future would be successful, and it is.

Now, your parents are older, their health is not so great, and you are taking care of them. You’re a good child, but being good is expensive.

Extra people to feed and ca-re for are one thing, but when there are expensive medicines to buy and frequent doctor’s visits, it can be a challenge for just about any budget.

You need cash, and fortunately, car title loans in Raytown, MO can give you what you need quickly.

Because title loans are so simple, some people wonder if they are actually on the up-and-up, but they are legit.

Anyone who wants a loan just has to be willing to pledge their vehicle as security.

By doing so, the borrower is actually taking the risk because if they don’t repay the loan, the lender can repossess the car.

The lender, confident that customers don’t want to lose their vehicle, trust the collateral-based loan process to work better than other types.

In fact, that confidence is so strong that title lenders don’t do credit checks.

Applicants with bad credit who normally get turned down for loans and other financing have no problem getting Raytown car title loans.

As long as they are at least 18, have an income and own a lien-free car, truck or other vehicle to put up for the Raytown loan, they can be approved.

Raytown, MO Title Loans Applications

Applications for title loans in Missouri require you to choose the make, model and year of your vehicle, then input its mileage and you name and phone number.

You get a quick quote, and a Midwest Title Lender agent calls you to go over your income, the condition of your car and payment arrangements.

You can get a sneak peek of your loan offer and payments if you use the title loan calculator, but the loan agent can go over everything with you in more detail.

Once you finalize everything, turn in your car title, and the money is ready to take.

Missouri Legal Info

  • Max loans are $5,000.
  • Lenders must hold a license from the Missouri Division of Finance.
  • Lenders are required to give borrowers 20 days notice before repossessing a vehicle and 10 days notice before selling a vehicle that was repossessed.
  • If a vehicle is sold to satisfy a debt, the lender only keeps enough of the sale price to cover the loan debt and fees and any expenses the lender incurred. Surplus funds must go to the borrower.
  • If a vehicle is sold and the sale price is not enough to cover the delinquent account balance, the lender may go after the borrower for the deficiency balance.
  • Borrowers have the 20 day or 10 day notice periods to bring their account current or pay off their Raytown title loan if they want to keep their vehicle.

Raytown Title Loan Benefits

  • Fast money. Most applicants get approved, and get the money the same day. It can take weeks to get a bank loan.
  • Easy application and loan process. Compare it to traditional lenders who have a more complicated process. Title loans in Independence and Raytown, MO are so easy and convenient that you can apply from anywhere, as long as you have a computer.
  • No credit check. Anyone rejected from other lenders due to their past credit mistakes won’t have that issue with Midwest title loans.
  • Fast repayment terms that can be renewed if necessary.
  • Midwest Title Lender lets you keep the car.

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