Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Swansea, IL

If your credit score is considered subprime, which is not good, how can you possibly get a loan when you need one? Instead of going to traditional lenders who say no to your loan applications over and over again, try a lender with more understanding.

Midwest Title Lender is in the business of serving everyone who needs financial help, especially those who have been rejected by other lenders. If you need money, title loans in Swansea, IL are a great option.
Title loans in the Midwest are a type of personal loan, but they are not like the loans from the bank. While they both provide money to the borrower, title loan applicants use their vehicles as collateral. By using security, there is no need to do a credit check.

Qualifications for title loans include being 18 or older, having a vehicle to use as loan security and having an income. Any vehicle with value can qualify, but it must be paid off and not have liens. The applicant’s name must be on the vehicle registration. An applicant’s income does not have to come from a job. It can be from disability, unemployment or retirement benefits, or from another source.

Applications for Title Loans Swansea, IL

A short form is all you need to complete for the online application that gets you a loan quote. Put in your name and contact number, as well as the specs on your car, such as make and mileage. You can also use the handy calculator for title loan to check out what type of offer you might get and what you payments might look like.

Once you get your quote, talk to a title lender representative by phone get everything worked out for your loan. This includes discussing and perhaps inspecting your vehicle. Its condition, whether fair, good or excellent, will determine its actual value, and that value determines exactly how much money you get. Wrapping up the fine points of the loan, you can turn in your title and collect the money.

Illinois Legal Information

  • Lenders must be licensed to offer title loans in Illinois.
  • No balloon payments.
  • Borrowers must be told how much money they will pay back, including interest and other fees. They must be told before signing a loan agreement.
  • Early payoff is allowed and must not be penalized.
  • Loans can be up to $4,000 if monthly payments do not exceed 50 percent of the borrower’s monthly income.


When you need money, you get it, and that is what makes title loans so great. It’s also what sets them apart in the world of personal loans. With other lenders, you may or may not get the money because it’s based on your credit score. Title loans Swansea are given without a credit check. Bank loans also take much longer to approve or deny, sometimes several weeks. That doesn’t really help when your financial need is immediate.

Borrowers sometimes need more monetary help than they realize, which causes them to get overwhelmed trying to pay off their title loan. As an added benefit to title loans, lenders are willing to adjust things to help their clients.

When someone lets Midwest Title Lender know they are struggling, they may be able to roll the loan over into a new term, which would extend payments for a longer period of time. This gives the borrower more time to pay. Other options might include lowering payments.

Title loans in Belleville and Swansea, IL are great to have, but it’s not necessarily great to tell everyone you need a helping hand. That’s why lenders keep your business confidential.