Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Belleville, IL

Financial hardship touches most people at one time or another. Most problems can be rectified with just a little extra cash, but sometimes more money is needed. Either way, there is an option that covers everything. Title loans in Belleville can put money in your pocket today.

Title loans in Belleville, IL are when consumers use their vehicle to secure a personal loan. Because the loan is secure, there is no credit check, which means most people are likely to be approved.

Title Loans in Belleville Application

Anyone who is at least 18 years old and own as a vehicle is eligible for title loans in Belleville. They need a source of income from a job, a pension, disability or some other source. The vehicle needs to be owned by the applicant outright and have no liens.

Online car title applications are little more than your name, contact information and basic information about your vehicle. To give you a loan estimate, Midwest Title Lender needs to know your car’s make, model, year, style and mileage. You can use the handy calculator for title loan to see how much money is available to you.

With your loan quote, you will discuss options with a loan agent. During a short phone call, you set up a payment plan, provide details of your income source and go over the condition of the vehicle. Some onsite inspections are necessary. Once these things are done, you give our agent the title and sign your loan documents, and we give you the money.

Illinois Title Loan Laws

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) regulates lending in the state and licenses all title loan businesses. The department also produces a debt management brochure with information about consumer rights and responsibilities, as well as a hotline number for complaints and comments. All title loan business are required to give each customer a brochure when they are approved for a title loan.

Illinois title loans can be up to $4,000. Some borrowers are not eligible for that amount. The state limits the maximum a person can borrow to no more than 50 percent of their gross monthly income. Lenders must supply information about interest rates and charges, as well as any fees related to the loan to all borrowers before loan agreements are signed.


  • Midwest title loans are quick to apply for, quick to be approved for and super quick to collect. Most Midwest Title Lender loans are awarded the same day the borrower applies.
  • Bank loans take much longer to apply for, and there is a lot more paperwork involved. Banks want documents for your income, bank statements, proof of residence and other information. There is also a credit check to determine if your credit score is high enough to get the loan. Scores that are not high enough are usually rejected.
  • There is no credit check, so there is no need to worry if you have bad credit. Everyone is evaluated based on their vehicle’s value and their ability to repay the loan. Because of this, title loans have an extremely high rate of approval.
  • You get to keep your car. We only need to keep the title.
  • Interest rates are competitive among lenders, and they are lower than the rates of payday loans.
  • Repayment schedules are designed to be quick so you can get out of a financial jam, and get on with your life. But, if something changes in your plans, Midwest Title Lender is flexible. We are willing to make some changes so your payments are affordable and you won’t default on your loan.