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Title Loans Morton Grove, IL

What’s the easiest way to get money when you need it? Illinois car title loans, of course. It’s also the fastest and most convenient way to get your hands on cash quickly. Midwest Title Lender approves these loans on a daily basis for people who need or want cash as fast as possible.

Trading your car title for a short-term loan is what’s known as a title loan. Midwest Title Lender does not do credit checks. Anyone who has a vehicle to use a collateral is welcome to apply, and there is a very high approval rate with title loans.

Title Loans Morton Grove Eligibility

Applicants must be 18 or over according to state law, and they must have a source of income from a job, pension, alimony or other source. The vehicle they use as collateral must have their name on the registration, it must not have liens against it and it must be paid off.


Applications for title loans in Morton Grove, IL are so easy you don’t have to gather any detailed information. Just tell us what kind of car you plan to use and how many miles it has. Then, give us your name and contact number so we can chat about your auto title loan quote. Determining how much money you will actually get depends on the condition of your vehicle. One that is good condition can get you a good loan offer, but one that is in excellent condition can get you an even better loan offer. Loan assistants also need to know what type of income you will use to pay back the loan and when you want to make payments. We try to have some flexibility in the loan payoff terms. Finally, you give us the title and take your funds.

Illinois Legal Information

Title loan borrowers have the right to full disclosure, meaning their lender must tell them exactly how much interest charges and other loan fees they must pay. Borrowers also have the right to pay off their loans early without a penalty from their lender.

Title lenders must be licensed by the state. They may offer loans up to $4,000, but no loan can have monthly payments that are more than half the borrower’s monthly income. Lenders must give each approved loan customer a brochure about consumer rights and responsibility and debt management.


  • When you are in need of money, you not only want that need filled as soon as possible, you have to have it filled. That’s why title loans are perfect for people in a cash crunch. From the application to turning in the title and collecting the money, title loans are extremely quick. Borrowers don’t have to wait for someone to decide if they qualify. If they have a vehicle to use as collateral, they qualify. Most of the time, loan money is handed out the same day it’s applied for.
  • No credit check. If your credit is poor, bad or miserable, you still have a great chance of getting a title loan because it’s based on your car title, not your credit history.
  • How do adjustable terms and payments sound? That’s what you get with title loans in Skokie and Morton Grove, IL. If you fix your money problems sooner than you planned, just pay off the loan. There is no penalty for paying early. If you need more time to make loan payments, talk to a loan rep about restructuring the loan so you can afford to pay back the debt.
  • As far as short-term loans go, car title loans tend to have the lowest interest rates.