Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Skokie, IL

You have a tough decision to make. Either pay your bills, or buy that special something you’ve had your eye on for a really long time. Of course, wisdom says you should pay your bills. Desire says go shopping. It’s a tough spot to be in, but what if you could do both things?

With title loans in Skokie, you can get enough extra money to pay for necessities and get something your really want. As long as you qualify and have a car, you could have money in your pocket in less than a day.

Using a car title as loan security is a title loan. All that’s needed to qualify is to be 18 or over, have a source of income and have a car that is completely paid off and has a lien-free title.

Your income can come from your job, unemployment benefits, disability benefits, retirement or pension, alimony or another source, even affordable local SEO near Skokie. The car itself is enough to get the loan approved, but the value of the vehicle is what helps determine how much money is offered.

An applicant’s credit history won’t be check because it has no effect on the loan whatsoever.

Skokie, IL Title Loan Application

By completing a simple online form for title loans in Skokie, you can be on your way to collecting title loan cash in less than a day. Midwest Title Lender needs to know your name, contact information and vehicle specifications, such as make and model. We will give you an instant title loan quote and call you to discuss options. In addition to setting up a payment plan, we finalize Illinois car title loans by signing a loan agreement, collecting the title and giving you the money.

Title Loan Legal Information

Lenders must have a license in Illinois. They are not allowed to penalize their customers for paying off a title loan earlier than its final due date. They are also prohibited from requiring customers to make balloon payments.
Loans can be a maximum of $4,000. Not all borrowers are eligible for the maximum loan because their monthly payments may not be over half of their income.
Borrowers must receive information about all fees, interest rates and interest charges they will pay. They must be informed in advance if the lender plans to repossess their vehicle.


  • You get money when you need it, not after a lengthy approval process.
  • Applications take only minutes to complete and can be done from home. Follow up discussions are done by phone, which makes the process even more convenient.
  • There is no credit check, which means bad credit is just as good as excellent credit. Everyone has the same probability of loan approval.
  • Title loans in Chicago and Skokie, IL have a high approval rate because they are not based on credit scores but on the value of the applicant’s car.
  • You get to keep your car and Midwest Title Lender keeps the title.
  • You don’t have to deal with the multiple requests for personal information about how much money you make or your bank statements, which happens with bank loans. They also check your credit history.
  • Interest rates are usually lower for car title loans in the Midwest than the rates of payday loans.
  • Loan terms are short so you can pay off the loan quickly.
  • You can pay off your Skokie car title loan early if you want to and there is no penalty
  • If a borrower needs more time to pay off the debt, there are options to rework the loan or renew it so they have the time they need.