Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Mokena, IL

Budgeting has never been your strength, and it shows in your nearly empty bank account. While there is enough to pay the bills and buy necessities, if you need money for anything else, it’s not available. So, what is your plan if something does happen, like you ending up in the emergency room and the insurance company refuses to pay the bill?

They could, you know. Without a plan to handle surprises like this, you could find yourself in a real financial mess. One way out of a mess like that is through title loans in Mokena.

Midwest title loans are an easy way to get a loan. Just use your vehicle as collateral. Let the lender hold onto the vehicle title, not the actual vehicle, and when you pay back the loan, the title is returned to you. There is no credit check, which means having bad credit or a bankruptcy is not a problem.

Title Loans Mokena, IL Eligibility

Own a vehicle to use as loan collateral. Vehicle can be a car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle type. It must not have liens against and must be paid off, and the registration must include the applicant’s name.
Have an income from a job, unemployment benefits, alimony or another source.
Be at least 18 years old.


Within minutes, you can provide your name and contact information and the vehicle make, model, year and mileage, and you get a title loan quote. A loan representative calls you to talk about options, and during this call, you set up a payment plan, talk about your income and get a final loan amount offer. This offer is based on the value of your vehicle, which is determined by its condition. Sometimes an on-site inspection is need to figure this out. Finally, you sign loan papers, turn in the title and go home with cash in your pocket.

Legal Information

Before a borrower signs any legally-binding loan documents for title loans in Mokena, the lender must tells them precisely how much money the customers will pay back. This includes all charges from interest on the loan and any fees accessed by the lender. Lenders must also give borrowers a debt management brochure before loan contracts are signed. The brochure is produced by the states and includes information related to consumer rights and responsibilities.


  • One day or less is usually all the time it takes to apply for a title loan, complete the paperwork and get the money you need.
  • There is no credit check for title loans in Tinley Park and Mokena, IL. If you have good credit that might not mean that much to you, but anyone with bad credit understands how difficult it is to get financial help with a low credit score. Fortunately, by eliminating a credit check, title loan applicants don’t have to worry about being rejected for a few past payment mistakes.
  • There is no fee or penalty for paying off your title loan early.
  • When you need to extend your payment schedule or lower your payments, just talk to a title loan rep about the challenges you are having with payments. They can work something out to make your loan repayment more affordable.
  • Interest rates on title loans in Illinois is often lower than the interest rates on other similar loans.
  • Privacy is important, and you can be sure your lender will not share your details. Plus, through our online application, you can complete the entire loan process from home, which means nobody has to know what you’re doing to get the money you need.