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Title Loans La Grange, IL

What would you do if you had a medical emergency that was not covered by insurance? For example, an insurance company can deny emergency rooms visits if they don’t consider them to be legitimate medical emergencies. It’s a very subjective judgment that means you will have to pay the price yourself.

Paying those bills can deplete your fund and leave you in a tough spot. If you find yourself in that or a similar situation, you can get monetary help with title loans in La Grange, IL.
Acquiring a small loan by using a vehicle as collateral is the basis of title loans in La Grange. Consumers use the title to their truck, car, motorcycle or other vehicle as loan security, which means Midwest Title Lender does not need to do a credit check. By using collateral, title lenders have a much higher rate of loan approvals.

Title Loans La Grange, IL Requirements

Eligible title loan applicants must have an income from a job, pension, disability benefits or another source. They must be 18 or over and have a vehicle that is paid off with no liens. The vehicle must also list them on the registration as the owner.


Your vehicle make, model, year and mileage, and your name, address and phone number is all you need to include in the Midwest Title Lender online application to get a title loan quote. After that, you get a phone call from a loan agent who helps guide you through the loan process. Loan payments are set up, your questions are answered, you provide more details about the income you will use to pay back the loan, and your car’s condition is discussed during the phone call. Some vehicles get an in-person inspection to assess condition and value because this is how we determine how much money to include in your final offer. Once all the details are finalized, you give us the title and claim your cash.

Illinois Legal Information

  • Any lender offering title loans in Illinois must be licensed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.
  • Lenders must provide borrowers an accurate account of all charges and fees they will repay when getting a title loan.
  • Lenders must not require balloon payments.
  • Maximum loan amounts are $4,000.
  • Borrowers may pay off their title loans early without being penalized by their lender.


  • Emergency financial needs require a quick cash infusion, and that’s exactly what you get with title loans in Cicero and La Grange. Apply today, and you’ll likely get your money today.
  • Skip the credit check with title loans in La Grange. There is no reason to check your credit because the loans are secured with your car.
  • Title loans are easy to pay off, and some people do it early. It that’s your plan, don’t worry about an early payment penalty. There is none.
  • Some folks try but have difficulty paying off their title loan during the original loan term. Fortunately, they don’t have to deal with that struggle. When you find your loan terms too short, let a loan agent help you renew your loan so you have more time to pay it off. If your payments are too high for your current budget, just let the loan assistant help you develop a new payment plan that you can afford.
  • Interest rates are part of the car title loan process, but with title loans, you get rates are some of the lowest among short-term lending.
  • Title loans are private because Midwest Title Lender keeps your information private, and you go through the loan process from home.