Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Cicero, IL

Life in the Midwest is usually good, but there are times when things are a bit rough, especially when it involves money issues. Just about everybody deals with money issues occasionally, but they won’t have to if they consider title loans in Cicero, IL as a way to help.

A title loan is just a loan given to a person who uses their car as collateral. Because it’s a secure loan, there is no credit check.

Title Loans Cicero Application

Getting a car title loan in Illinois starts with meeting the requirements. Borrowers must be at least 18 years old and have a lien-free vehicle. They must also have a source of income, which could be a job, disability benefits, unemployment or another source.

The application for car title loans in and near Cicero, IL is easy and quick. Applicants just type in their name and contact information, and provide details about the vehicle they will use as loan collateral, such as its make and model. Applicants will get an instant loan quote and discuss the loan by phone with a Midwest Title Lender representative. The rep will help set up a repayment plan and get details about the borrower’s source of income. The borrower’s vehicle will need be in good condition and may go through a quick inspection. Finally, loan documents are signed and the borrower turns in the car title before getting the money.

One handy tool Midwest Title Lender provides is the online calculator for car title loan, which allows borrowers to figure out how much money they could borrow and what their payments will look like.

Illinois Legal Information

  • Title lenders must be licensed by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR).
  • According to state regulations, before a borrower signs any loan agreement paperwork, the title lender must tell the customer about all fees, interest rates and interest charges.
  • Illinois allows maximum loans of $4,000. However, state law limits the loan amount in some cases. Consumers may only borrow an amount that is no more than one half their gross monthly income.
  • Illinois does not allow balloon payments or penalties for borrowers who choose to pay off loans early.
  • IDFRP has produced a brochure about debt management and consumer rights and responsibilities. Lenders are required to give these brochures to each customer who is awarded a title loan.


  • You get the money extremely fast. Most loans are processed within the same day the borrower applies for a loan.
  • Applications are very short, just asking for basic information about the borrower and their vehicle. Because they are so short, applications are quick to complete, which means a loan quote is available within minutes.
  • There is no credit check. Title loans in Chicago and Cicero are based on the equity in the vehicle being used as collateral and the borrower’s source of income. If the applicant can afford to pay the loan back and has a vehicle with value, they qualify for title loans in the Midwest.
  • Title loans in Cicero, IL have competitive interest rates, which are most often lower than the interest rates of payday loans.
  • Using Midwest Title Lender gives borrowers flexible options to arrange payment plans that work for their budget. Borrowers also have options to renew or restructure title loans if they run into a challenge meeting payment deadlines.
  • Midwest Title Lender lets you keep your car. When you are approved and sign your Cicero, IL title loan documents, simply let us keep the vehicle’s title, and you can keep the car. Since we have no place to store vehicles used as collateral for the many loans we provide, it actually helps if you keep the car while you pay us back.