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Title Loans Forest Park, IL

The fallout of the 2008 banking crises can still be felt in the credit world. It’s tough to borrow money these days. Lenders are incredibly careful and many of them are tied up with new restrictions. In fact, many people even find it hard to get a credit card these days.

It is a sad state of affairs for the country with the most powerful economy in the world. It seems the average person is really getting left behind. But there is good news. Title Loans Forest Park, Illinois, from Midwest Title Lender is the quick and easy solution.

Title loans allow you to borrow money against the value of your car or truck. If you have a title then you have personal wealth. You can borrow money from that wealth like you would borrowing money from the equity of your home.

And since you have collateral, accredited lenders like Midwest Title Lender are chomping at the bit to lend you money. Plus, Midwest Title Lender has made the Title Loans Forest Park process incredibly fast and easy. And you get to keep your car while you pay back the loan. Essentially, your car is a credit card.

Title Loans Forest Park, Illinois Starts Online And Finishes With Money

Just click the “Apply” button on the top of the screen. It’ll take you to a page with an incredibly simple application process. There are no giant forms and you don’t even need any documentation yet. In fact, you can put your information into the matrix right now with absolutely not commitment. You can just see how easy it is. Simply put the year, make and model of your vehicle and click “Apply”.

We Then Take The Application Process From There

We need to know just a little bit about you on the next page. With your name, phone number and zip code, we can contact you right away with the best car title loans in the Midwest. You will get an auto title loan quote right away, over the phone. If everything sounds good, and we are confident that it will, we will setup an appointment.

Bring Your Title, Proof Of Address And Income

Title loans in Illinois require you to bring your title to the appointment. After all, you are borrowing against the value of your vehicle. And since we serve title loans in Cicero and the surrounding areas, we need to know that you live in our jurisdiction. As a title loan lender, we are bound by state and local laws. And as you’ll see, those laws are in your favor.

Illinois State Title Loan Regulations

The Illinois government has recently passed sweeping regulation of the title loan industry in order to protect the consumer. You’ll find that there are no balloon payments. Each repayment has to be even. And we cannot demand a payment that is more than 50% of your income. You can also refinance the loan after the loan shrinks by 20% or more. This allows you to find a better deal and forces us to give you the best terms that we can.

Fast, Discreet And Easy — The Benefits Of A Forest Park, IL Title Loan

Banks will dig deep into your past when you apply for many other personal finance products. But if you own a car outright, you can get a loan with very little hassle because you have the personal wealth, inside the value of your vehicle, to back it up. That collateral gives you instant credit no matter your credit score.