Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Brookfield, IL

You’ve heard about the top one percent, but have you heard of the 28 percent? Those are the people who have absolutely no money put aside for emergencies. Saving a little something is wise, but it’s also hard for people who struggle to stretch a dollar between pay periods.

Of course, if something happens, those folks are in a mess because there is no money to fix the problem. What can they do? Turn to title loans in Brookfield.

Title loans in Brookfield, IL are a way to use the value of your car, motorcycle or other vehicle to secure a personal loan. With security, Midwest Title Lender does not do a credit check.

We aren’t concerned about your payment history, and we aren’t concerned about how you spend your money. As long as you have a vehicle to use as collateral for a title loan and you have a way to pay back the loan, you should be approved.

Title Loans Brookfield Eligibility

Anyone can apply for title loans in Cicero and Brookfield as long as they are at least 18 and have a vehicle title to put up for the loan. Just remember that the vehicle used can’t have any liens against and you can still be paying on it. Also, the registration must have you listed as the owner of the car. Applicants also need an income from a job, alimony or some other source, such as disability benefits.


Title loan online applications lack the length and complication of traditional personal loans, which is great for people who don’t have the time or the patients to go through a long and complicated process. Just type in your name, contact details and the make, model, mileage and year your car was made. Click submit, and wait for a title loan estimate. Then, a loan assistant calls you to set everything up. You will discuss your income, payment dates and the condition of your car. Being in better condition could me your loan quote goes up higher. After the details are worked out, just turn in your vehicle title and take the money.

Legal Information

  • Lenders must be licensed. They may not enforce balloon payments and may not assess penalties for early loan payoffs.
  • Max loan amounts are $4,000.


  • Avoid the time and extra work involved in getting a bank loan. Car title loans in the Midwest keep it simple with a short application and quick processing. The evidence of this is how fast you get the money, which is usually within a day or less. On the contrary, it can take weeks to get a bank loan, and there’s no guarantee you will be approved. They check your credit, but Midwest Title Lender doesn’t. You can have the worst credit and still get a title loan.
  • Avoid the embarrassment and hassle of asking someone you know for a loan. Apply for a title loan, and Midwest Title Lender won’t ask you why you need the money or how you ended up in financial trouble. It’s not our business, but your friends and family might feel they have the right to know since you came to them for money. It’s up to you, but title loans provide the money without the judgment.
  • Convenience is one of the biggest draws of title loans in Illinois. Conveniently, you can apply from home and complete most or all of the process at home. There is very little paperwork and no time wasted, which is great for people with busy lives. Another very convenient aspect is that you keep your car. Leave the title with us and you conveniently keep driving.