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Trying to figure out where to get some extra money is headache-inducing. Is there a friend, a family member or someone you know who not only has money to spare but is willing to share? Perhaps, but you will have better luck at the bank? Then again, your credit is not the best. What can you do? First, keep calm. Second, check out title loans in Wisconsin Rapids.
Offering cash for car title is a simple proposition, but it works great. Anyone interested in getting an individual loan can put up their vehicle as security and have the money in a matter of hours. Midwest Title Lender keeps the vehicle title until the loan is paid off. Because the loans are secure, Midwest Title Lender does not do credit checks. Qualified applicants will be at least 18 and have some type of income. This could be from their job, from unemployment benefits, from disability or from another source, such as alimony or a pension.

Applications for Title Loans Wisconsin Rapids

You won’t waste time on a lengthy application when you apply online for title loans in Wisconsin. Just type in the year your car was made and its make, model and mileage. Add you name and contact number, hit submit and wait for a loan quote. Of course, you won’t wait long because everything about title loans is fast. After you get the quote, a Midwest Title Lender associate will call you about the offer, which may be different than the loan quote. Actual loan amounts are based on the value of your vehicle, so we need to discuss its condition and may need to do a quick inspection. The value of the vehicle must match the loan amount offered. Our associate will also help you set up a repayment schedule and a time to turn in your title, and pick up your money.

Wisconsin Legal Info

  • Loan maximum is $25,000. Borrowers, however, may only get up to 50 percent of the value of their vehicle.
  • Loans terms are up to six months long.
  • Borrowers must get 20 days notice before their vehicle is repossessed. If the vehicle is sold by the lender to recover the loan debt, the lender may only keep an amount that totals the loan and all related fees. Any extra money from the sale will go to the borrower.
  • Lenders are not allowed to require borrowers to give them a copy of the borrower’s car keys.


  • Title loans allow you to avoid the hassle, stress and possible rejection of a bank loan. Whereas title loans are convenient, easy and fast, bank loans are tedious, lengthy and complicated.
  • Did you hear that there is no credit check with title loans in Wisconsin Rapids? That never happens with traditional loans.
  • Need more time repaying the loan? Ask, and you shall receive. The reason most people get title loans is to help catch up on bills, but if you needed more money to catch up than you realized, then you might find it a challenge to pay back your loan. We understand now, just like we did when you first got the loan. Let us help you renew that loan or rework it so you have lower payments or more time to make payments at the current rate. Always remember that with Midwest title loans, you have options.
  • Title lender does not penalize customers for improving their financial situation enough that they can pay off their title loan early.
  • Keeping your car means you won’t have to disrupt your normal routine by finding a ride to and from work, the grocery store or various other places you normally frequent.

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