Car Title Loans Wisconsin

Title Loans Wausau

Banks make you jump through hoops to get a personal loan. They pry into your life, asking you exactly why you need the cash. But why is it their business? They also dig deep into your past, looking for evictions, criminal records and even calling references. A bank also knows everything about your finances, going over your credit and FICO score with a fine tooth comb. And they may even call your place of work to verify your income. You don’t want your boss knowing that you’re borrowing money. None of this stuff happens with Title Loans Wausau, Wisconsin, from Midwest Title Lender.

Title loans in Wisconsin allow you to borrow thousands of dollars against the value of your vehicle. The vehicle doesn’t even have to be on the road. That collateral works like a home equity loan. It doesn’t really matter your credit score or your background. All that matter is that you own your car. Once we verify that and that you have an income, we hand you cash. Title Loans Wausau, Wisconsin, from Midwest Title Lender really makes it as simple as that.

Title Loans Wausau, Wisconsin Starts Off Easy And Gets Easier

Have you been making payments on car? Do you finally own the vehicle? Well, you can take money out of your car like you would an ATM. We just need to know how valuable your vehicle is. Go to the application page, type in the make, model and year of your vehicle and our site computes and instant car title loan estimate. This information is sent to one of our loan specialists who will be eager to talk to you over the phone.

We Need To Verify Your Residency And Then We’ll Call You

Title loans Midwest come with certain protections which are enforced by local laws. That’s why we ask for your zip code on the next page of the application along with your name and your phone number. Once we get this personal information, our team of loan specialists can craft the perfect financial product for you. We’ll be eager to call you with the good news so expect a call immediately.

A Phone Call And A Meeting Gets You Cash

This phone call is your chance to ask any questions. We want you to feel as empowered and as comfortable as possible. The specialist will ask you some simple questions and then arrange a meeting at the nearest Midwest Title Lender office. Simply bring the title to your vehicle, proof of residence in the state of Wisconsin and proof of income. We won’t dig too much deeper than that and you’ll be well on your way with cash in hand.

Wisconsin Protects You Throughout The Process

Your state government has passed laws regulating the title loan industry. Unfortunately, the state limits the amount that you can borrow — up to 50% of the value of your vehicle. But the state allows you to pull out of the loan even after you’ve signed the paperwork. Just bring the money back by closing time or 5 p.m. (whichever is earlier) and the deal is rescinded. This empowers borrowers and put the onus on us to make you as happy as possible.

Near Anonymity And Speed

Banks pry into your private life while checking your credit scores. That all takes time. We don’t do that. We simply look at the value of your vehicle, cut you a check and shake your hand.


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