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Whenever one of your friends or family members needed money, they could count on you. Now, you don’t have extra money to spare, and you need a helping hand. Unfortunately, there is no one to give you money. Perhaps, you need to look in a new direction. Title loans in Waunakee have the money you need, and it is available today.

Nearly two million people get title loans every year, so there is no need to explain what they are to that group. But, for the many other people who have no exposure to title loans, a bit of explanation is helpful. Title loans are simply an exchange of cash for a car title. A borrower pledges their vehicle to the lender in exchange for a personal, short-term loan. When the loan is paid back, the borrower gets their title back. Due to the use of collateral, credit checks are unnecessary.


While Midwest Title Lender welcomes all applicants, there are three qualifiers to get title loans Waunakee. Applicants must be 18 or older, they must have a job or a source of income, and they must own the car they put up for collateral. Actually, they can use another type of vehicle as well, such as a motorcycle, but their name must be stated as the owner on the registration documents.

Applications for Title Loans Waunakee

With a streamlined application process, you will be finished and have the money in no time. Just click the type of car you have and how many miles are on it, and add your name, phone number and address. Once you submit the short application, our processing system gives you a title loan estimate. This is based on the type of car you have, which indicates its value. However, we need to make sure your car’s condition matches that loan quote, so when a Midwest Title Lender agent calls you to go over the loan specifics, you will need to discuss how well your car is running and how good it looks. You will also make plans to repay the loan, sign your loan contract and, most importantly, collect your money.

Legal Information

Borrowers are allowed to get up to $25,000. However, their loan amount may not be more than 50 percent of the value of the vehicle they use as loan security. Borrowers who change their mind about accepting a title loan can cancel it if they return the loan money within one business day of accepting the cash. If a lender plans to repossess the vehicle attached to a delinquent loan, they must give the borrower 20 days notice.


You get the money you need, you get it fast, and you get it without anyone getting in your business. When you apply with Midwest Title Lender, we not only keep your information private from outside prying eyes, we only get the information from you that we need for your loan. Nothing more. We won’t ask why you need a loan or how you plan to spend the money.

No Credit Check
Poor credit, bad credit or the worst credit possible, it doesn’t matter with title loans in the Midwest. You can have a bankruptcy, and you can still get title loans in Madison and Waunakee because they are collateral-based. Your payment history has no impact on your loan whatsoever.

Keep the Vehicle
Whether you drive it everyday or only occasionally, Midwest Title Lender believes you need your vehicle more than we do, so it should stay with you during the loan period. As long as we have the title, the loan is still secure.

Time to Pay
During your loan term, if you see that paying off the loan is going to take longer than allowed, ask about renewing the loan. That way, you have more time to make payments without worrying about defaulting on the loan.


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