Car Title Loans Wisconsin

Title Loans Sussex

You’re known for being thoughtful and never forgetting a birthday or special occasion. You’re also known for putting others ahead of yourself, but why must you always be last? Why not take a little money, and get yourself a treat for a change? If you say you can’t afford it because you’ve spent all the money on other people, we say let Midwest Title Lender help with title loans in Sussex.

What are Title Loans Sussex?

Go to wherever you keep important papers, and get the title to your vehicle. Now, apply for a title loan, give the title to Midwest Title Lender, and get some money. Simple, right? It’s also fast. You will need to work out the details of the loan with a Midwest Title Lender associate, but that only takes a little while. Money from your loan could be yours within hours of submitting your application. Just make sure you qualify first. That means be 18 or over, have an income and own the vehicle used for collateral. Your income does not have to be from a job. It can be from unemployment benefits, retirement or disability benefits, alimony or another source. Your name must be listed on the vehicle’s registration to qualify.

Applications for Title Loans Sussex

Midwest Title Lender likes to keep things rolling along smoothly, which is why our application for title loans Sussex is short and quick. Just pick the type of car you have, type in the mileage, and then give us your name and contact info. We will give you an initial loan quote, and a loan agent will call you to settle everything. This includes making sure your vehicle’s value matches the loan offer and setting up a plan to repay the loan. Before long, you will be signing a loan contract and giving us the title to your vehicle. Then, the cash is yours.

Legal Requirements

  • Loan maximum is $25,000, but the amount for an individual borrower can’t be greater than one half of the value of their car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle used as collateral.
  • Borrowers can decide to end a loan and not be penalized for it if they return the loan money within one business day of receiving the payout.
  • Lenders must be licensed.
  • Lenders must give borrowers 20 days advance notice before taking a vehicle for nonpayment of a loan.


  • Cash is yours within 24 hours for most title loan applicants. When you apply for a similar loan at a bank, it can take several weeks before you get the money, if you’re approved.
  • There is no credit check for Midwest title loans. While this is definitely a plus for people who have filed bankruptcy or have bad credit, it’s also great for people who want a more convenient loan process. Without a credit check, there is no time wasted by someone having to scour your payment history to make sure you got those payments in on time. Just have the required collateral, and you can get title loans in Waukesha and Sussex.
  • Loan terms are short enough for you to use the loan money for whatever you need, pay it off, and get back to your normal life. But, they may be too short for some people. If you find that you need more time to pay back the loan, let Title Lender know. We can discuss renewing your loan or other options to help you pay back the debt.
  • Interest rates are competitive and are often lower than payday and other similar types of funding.
  • Instead of leaving your car with the lender where it will remain parked in a lot or a garage for the duration of your loan, take it with you. We don’t have space to store the vehicle of every one of our clients, and we don’t need the vehicles. Take your car, drive where you need to go, and leave the title with us.

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