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Damage to your home can be extremely costly, but with insurance, you should be okay. Most homeowners assume that they will be okay, but the truth is that some damages are not covered by a homeowner policy. Most homeowners don’t know that, and they have no idea how much money they will have to spend if something goes wrong. So, what is not covered? Termite damage, sewer backups and flooding, among other things. What can a homeowner do about this? They can prepare by setting up an emergency fund, but let’s be honest and admit that probably won’t happen. Most people either don’t have an emergency fund or have a small one that is not enough to take care of problems. Something you may not have considered is probably one of the easiest ways to get cash in an emergency, and that is title loans in Superior.
Just apply for a title loans in Wisconsin and be willing to put up your car as collateral. Title loans in Superior are simple like that, and because they are secure, there is no credit check. People with bankruptcies, bad credit or no credit can easily get a title loan. To qualify, they must own a vehicle to use as collateral, they must be at least 18 years old, and they must have an income. That income can be from a job, unemployment, social security or another source.

Applications for Title Loans Superior

To complete the online application, just put in your name and contact information, and supply the make, model, mileage and year of your vehicle. Very quickly after submitting the application, you get a loan quote and a call from a Midwest Title Lender representative. During the call, you go over the condition of your vehicle. Those with a better condition get a higher loan offer. You and the agent also work out how and when you will repay the loan. Once you sign the loan contract and give us the title, the money is yours to take.

Wisconsin Legal Information

  • Max loan amounts up to $25,000. Loan amount may not be greater than half the value of the consumer’s car.
  • Loan terms may be up to six months.
  • Lenders must give a written statement of all fees and charges to the borrower before any loan agreement is signed.
  • Lenders must give borrowers 20 days notice before repossessing their vehicle.


  • You can get more time to pay back the loan. If you find that the original terms were too difficult, even though you thought you could handle them, just let Midwest Title Lender know. We can try to work out a restructured loan to get those payments down or give you more time to pay back the debt.
  • There is no penalty for customers who want to pay off their title loans Midwest early.
  • It’s called title loan for a reason. Midwest Title Lender only needs to keep the car title to secure the loan. We don’t have the space or manpower to house and keep up with all the vehicles of our customers.
  • If title loans were a person, they would be described as laid back or low maintenance. All you need is your vehicle and way to pay the loan back. Now, bank loans, if they were people, would be considered very high maintenance. To get the loan, you need pay stubs and bank statements. You need to tell the bank why you want the money, and they run your credit to make sure you have a good payment history. In the end, they might still say no. Over at Midwest Title Lender, the answer is almost always yes.

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