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It’s easy for someone looking at your situation to point a finger and say you don’t know how to handle your money. But, just because you need more cash to make ends meet does not mean you have been irresponsible. Those pointing fingers probably don’t know about the money you had to spend on medicine when your child got sick, or that you loaned money to a friend when they hit hard times, and you never got that money back. Midwest Title Lender understands, and is ready to help with title loans in Stoughton.

When people are looking to get a loan, there is probably no easier way than title loans. They are simply a person trading their car title for money from a financial institution. Quick, easy and convenient, title loans are the preferred choice of funding for nearly two million people every year. Midwest Title Lender does not do credit checks on its clients because the loans are secured with collateral. We do ask customers to meet several requirements, including being at least 18 and having a job or a source of income. The final requirement is the vehicle they use. It must be paid off, have no liens and have their name listed as the owner on the registration documents.

Title Loans Stoughton Applications

Just click through the options of car makes, models and years to find yours, type in the mileage, and then give us your name and phone number. That’s it. Your application is complete. Just submit, and wait for your car title loan estimate. After you get it, a Midwest Title Lender agent will call you to talk things over. In addition to discussing the income you have to pay off the loan, you will set up a repayment schedule and go over a few loan details. You will also discuss the condition of your car, which determines the final loan amount. Your car may go through a short inspection, but when you finalize everything, you can turn over the title, and get paid.

Legal Info

  • Up to six month loan terms.
  • Up to $25,000 per loan.
  • Lenders may not require borrowers to give them a copy of their car key.
  • Owners of vehicles at risk of being repossessed must be notified 20 days in advance of a lender claiming the vehicle.
  • When a vehicle is sold, the money goes to the lender to satisfy the past due loan amount, all fees associated with the loan and any money spent to repossess and sell the vehicle. Any money left after that will go to the customer.
  • A borrower can cancel a loan if they repay the loan amount within one business day of taking the loan.


Getting a loan without going to a bank and without having a credit check is nothing short of amazing. Title lending grew out of a need to serve people who wanted an easier and more convenient way to get money, as well as those who won’t be approved by a traditional lender. By doing away with the dreaded credit check, everyone has a chance of getting a loan, even those with bad credit. By skipping the bank, you get out doing a lot of paperwork and waiting for several weeks to find out if you are approved.

Loan terms are short compared to how some other loans work, but there is enough give-and-take with title loans to make adjustments when they are needed. For example, let’s say you have some other issues come up that make it difficult to pay your title loan back the way you agreed. Just talk to a Midwest Title Lender associate, let them know what’s going on, and ask about the options.

You can pay off title loans in Madison and Stoughton early and not get a penalty. You keep the car, and any time you get title loans in Stoughton, your privacy is protected.


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