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Title Loans in Stevens Point, WI

Did you know that you house could be falling apart without you knowing it? Termites could be eating every piece of wood holding the place together, and by the time you discover them, you could have severe damage on your hands.

What makes the situation even worse is that termite damage is not covered by homeowners insurance.

So, what can you do when you discover a termite colony is on your property and eating everything in sight? Solving the problem costs money, and if you don’t have it, Midwest Title Lender does.

We offer title loans in Stevens Point, WI to help you get the money to repair your home and get rid of the termite infestation.

You can get the money you need by putting up your car, truck or motorcycle as loan security. A title loan is simply when a lender trades money for a car title. When the loan is paid off, the car owner gets the title back. If the borrower defaults on the loan, the vehicle could be repossessed.

Since no one wants to lose their vehicle, possible repossession is great incentive to make those payments.

Because title loans in Stevens Point rely on collateral, there is no credit check. Anyone who is at least 18, owns a vehicle and has a job or another source of income is qualified to apply for title loans in the Midwest.

Applications for Title Loans in Stevens Point, WI

Online title loan applications only need the make, model, year and mileage of the car you plan to use as collateral. Then, put in your name and contact information, and you get a loan quote. A loan agent calls you after that to finalize the loan.

You and the agent discuss how you plan to pay back the loan, when you will make payments and more about your vehicle. Does the car have a few dents or some major damage? Did you add expensive rims or just get a new paint job?

All these things and other factors that affect the condition of the vehicle help determine its actual value, which determines your final Stevens Point, WI car title loan offer.

Once you work out all the loan details and sign the loan agreement, just give us the title, and you can have the money.

Wisconsin State Legal Information

Title lenders must be licensed. They must provide, in writing, a list of all fees and charges a borrower is required to pay before loan documents are signed. Stevens Point lenders must give borrowers 20 days notice before repossessing a vehicle.


Flexible Payments
If you run into trouble making payments, it’s not unusual, and it’s not a deal breaker. Just talk to a Midwest Title Lender agent about the trouble you are having. Let them renew your loan or roll it over so the due date is later or payments are lowered to a rate you can afford to pay.

Less Hassle
Trying to get money from the bank is hard because you need a good reason for wanting the money. Yes, the bank does want to know why you need a loan. You also need great credit, and sometimes they still ask for collateral. Skip the hassle, and go for title loans in or near Stevens Point, WI. There is no credit check, and all you need is your vehicle and way to repay the loan.

Own the Road
You won’t literally own the road, but you will be able to stay on the road when you get title loans in Wisconsin. Midwest Title Lender only has space to hold onto your car title, not the car itself. So, take your money and your car.


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