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Going through life expecting the worst is no way to live, but thinking that nothing will ever go wrong is naïve. Things happens, such as an appliance dying as soon as the warranty expires, or you have to provide care for an elderly relative for a while. These things impact you in many ways, especially financially if you don’t have extra money to put towards these unexpected expenditures. Why struggle to make ends meet when you can get money to help you through a financial hardship? Title loans in Portage are known as fast money loans because they are approved quickly. If you’re someone who needs a quick cash infusion but you have limited options for getting money, title loans may be a great help to you.

Title Loans Portage Explained

Title loans in Wisconsin are a simple trade of a car title for a personal loan. The title secures the loan, which is offered based on the value of the vehicle. When the loan is paid off, the lender gives the title back to the owner. Qualified applicants are at least 18 years old. They have a job or get money from unemployment benefits, retirement or another source. Their vehicle is paid off, it has no liens, and their name is listed as the owner on the vehicle registration.

Applications for Title Loans Portage

If you have a few minutes to spare, use it to fill out the title loan application. Just pick your vehicle’s make, model and year. Add the mileage and your name and contact number. Submit the application, and you will get a loan quote. A Midwest Title Lender rep will call you to work out all the specifics of your loan. There may be a quick inspection of your vehicle to make sure its value matches the loan offer. Sign the required loan documents, turn in your vehicle title, and we hand you cash money.

Legal Requirements

Before a lender has a client sign a loan agreement, the lender must give the borrower a written, detailed account of all money the consumer is expected to pay back. The amount should include any fees charged to the account and all interest charges. Lenders must also give a consumer 20 days notice if the borrower’s account becomes delinquent, and their vehicle is about to be repossessed.


Money is dispensed so quickly with title loans in Portage that you might wonder why you ever considered getting funding any other way. While interest rates are sometimes higher than a bank loan, the rates are competitive and usually lower than other small-dollar loans. Plus, if you are in a bankruptcy, have had a bankruptcy or have credit that is less than good, you probably aren’t going to get a loan at the bank. They check your credit because they need to know you are a good risk. For Midwest Title Lender, a credit check is useless. We based your loan on collateral that you put up, which means you are risking your property. Midwest Title Lender is convinced no one wants to lose their vehicle, and that is incentive enough to make those payments. Sometimes, though, making payments is difficult. Let Midwest Title Lender know you’re struggling, and we will help by renewing your loan or maybe restructuring it to lessen the challenges you’re facing.

Other benefits of title loans in Madison and Portage include keeping your car and enjoying the confidentiality that comes with applying online from any location you choose. Plus, lenders are great about not sharing your personal information with others, which gives you more privacy and discretion.


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