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You need money. It’s a fact of life because life is expensive. Rent and mortgage payments, electric bills, food for the table and gas for the car are just some of the reasons you need money. When there is not enough money for all your needs, you have a problem that requires an immediate solution. Well, great news! There is money waiting for you with title loans in Port Washington.

What are Title Loans Port Washington?

Midwest title loans can be summed up in two words; fast and easy. Just apply for the loan, give your vehicle title to the lender, and get your money. That’s sounds too simple, but it’s not much more involved than that. Anyone who is at least 18 years old can apply. They just need to have a vehicle to use as collateral. Of course, they must be the vehicle’s owner and be listed on the registration. The vehicle must be completely paid off and without liens. The last requirement for title loans in Port Washington is to have an income of some sort, such as a job, retirement or alimony.

Applications for Title Loans Port Washington

Uncomplicated and straightforward, your title loan application is little more than you clicking through a few options for the type of vehicle you’re using as collateral and then typing in your name, contact info and vehicle mileage. It takes only minutes to complete, and once you submit the application, you get a title loan estimate almost immediately. That’s because the only thing we need to give you that loan quote is the basic info about your car. Later, when a Midwest Title Lender agent calls you to discuss the loan offer, we talk more about your vehicle to get a final loan amount. All we need to do for that is go over the condition of your vehicle to make sure the value matches the original loan estimate. Also, during this time, we work out other loan details, including your repayment dates. Then, it’s just a matter of you signing a loan agreement, giving us the title and taking the money.

Wisconsin Legal Information

Loan amounts can be up to one half of the value of the borrower’s car, but the loan cannot be over $25,000. Loan terms are up to six months. Borrowers can back out of a title loan if they return the money within a business day of receiving the loan.

Lenders need a license to operate in Wisconsin. They may not require borrowers to give them keys to vehicles used as collateral, and they must give borrowers a written statement of all the money the client must pay back before that client signs a loan document.


When everyone has held your past against you, it can be difficult to believe there is help for you when you need it, but help is available. Midwest Title Lender has no need to go snooping through your credit history, so we don’t do credit checks. We treat you with the respect a valued customer deserves. When you apply for title loans in Milwaukee and Port Washington, your approval is based on collateral that you put up, and your ability to make future payments. We look ahead, not back, which means we have a much higher rate of approval.

Title lender understands that sometimes one loan term is not enough. When you need that extra time to complete the loan payback, let us know, and we can work something out. Loans can be renewed or restructured. Of course, we also understand that some customers will work out their financial issues sooner than expected, so if you want to pay off the loan early, that’s fine, too.

In Wisconsin, there is not required interest rate, which means lenders are able to offer competitive rates to customers. Plus, title loans usually have lower interest rates than other small-dollar loans, such as cash advances.


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