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Experts recommend putting aside money in a special account for emergencies. They are right, of course. That emergency fund will come in handy when unexpected expenses arise, such as medical bills or housing repairs. Unfortunately, those experts don’t realize that your meager earnings don’t leave much for an emergency fund. So, when something happens that costs you money, what do you do? If you have never considered title loans in Wisconsin before, now is the time. It’s fast money for short-term needs, and just about everyone qualifies.

Title Loans Pleasant Prairie Explained

Title loans are basically a swap between two entities. You, the borrower, have a car, truck, motorcycle or other type of vehicle. Midwest Title Lender has money. You need money, so you offer your vehicle as collateral for a loan from Midwest Title Lender. Let the lender hold onto your vehicle’s title, and take the cash. When you pay back the money, the title is returned. Simple, and very effective. All you need to qualify for title loans in Pleasant Prairie is to be at least 18 and have a job or another source of money coming in so you can afford to pay off the loan. Your vehicle does need to be lien-free, and your name needs to be on its registration.

Application for Title Loans Pleasant Prairie

The online application has a list of vehicle makes, models and years. Just pick out yours, and add the mileage. Then, type in your name and contact information, and tap the button to submit your application. You will get a loan estimate, and shortly after that, a Midwest Title Lender agent will call you to work out the specifics of your loan. In addition to setting up a repayment plan and going over exactly how you will repay the loan, you and the agent will discuss your vehicle. It needs to be in good condition, and its value should be the same as the loan estimate. If the vehicle’s value does not match the loan offer, there will be an adjustment to make the offer higher or lower. Once everything is worked out, just hand in your title, and get the money.

Legal Info

  • Loans of up to $35,000
  • Interest rates vary
  • Loan terms of up to six months
  • Borrowers get 20 days notice before their vehicle is repossessed.
  • Borrowers get a written document detailing the money they owe the lender before they sign a loan contract.
  • Lenders may not make borrowers turn over car keys as part of their loan.


When you need money in a hurry, there aren’t always a lot of ways you can get help. Good thing title loans in Pleasant Prairie are an option. You can apply without the fear of being rejected for bad credit or a bankruptcy. There are no credit checks, so the approval rate is very high. There is no unnecessary paperwork to complete or turn in like you would have to do at a bank. That frees up time in the approval process, meaning customers normally get paid within the same day they apply for title loans in Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie.

Midwest Title Lender makes it easy to make loan payments with loan terms of up to six months. Sometimes that is not enough, and we understand that. For our clients who need just a bit more time to pay off their title loan, we can renew the loan or do something to give you more time. We can also work something out if you are struggling to make payments. If you’re having issues, just let us know.


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