Car Title Loans Wisconsin

Title Loans Pewaukee

So, your plan was never to stop paying your bills, but you’ve gotten behind. That’s because some unexpected expenses came up, like they always do. If you had an emergency fund, you could have taken money from there to meet your obligations, but you don’t have a fund. What you do have is a need for more money. Have you considered title loans in Pewaukee? It’s an easy way to get money, and it’s fast.

Title Loans Pewaukee Explained

How fast? Well, in as little as 24 hours, most people have the loan money they need. All you need to do is qualify and apply for Midwest title loans. Eligibility requirements are that you be 18 or older, have an income and own a vehicle. Most vehicles used are cars, but trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and some other vehicles also qualify. Just make sure the vehicle you use as loan security does not have liens, you don’t owe any more payments on it and your name is listed as the owner on the registration papers. Your income can be from your job, retirement or disability benefits, a pension, alimony or another source. Once you qualify, just apply, and exchange your title for money.

Title Loans Pewaukee Application Process

Qualifying is something you work out on your own. This saves you time in the loan process, which begins with a quick online application. Just select your vehicle’s make, model and year. Add the mileage, your name and a phone number, and that’s about it. Once you submit the application, you get a loan estimate. Then a Midwest Title Lender rep calls you to get any other info we need and to answer your questions. Something the rep will need to work out with you is a payment plan, and they need to verify the value of your vehicle because that is what the actual loan amount is based on. Once details of the loan are worked out, just give us the title, and we give you the funds.

Legal Requirements

  • Maximum loans allowed are $25,000 per borrower.
  • Before having a borrower sign a loan contract, the lender must give that client a written document with the total amount of money the client must repay.
  • Before repossessing a vehicle from a delinquent account, the lender must give the borrower 20 days notice.
  • When a repossessed vehicle is sold, the lender can keep enough of the money to recover all the loan balance and all fees associated with it, as well as money the lender spent on repossessing and selling the vehicle. If there is surplus money left, it must go to the borrower.


  • Easy application. You only need to gives basic information to start, and then we only need a little bit more information after that. There is prying in to your business to find out why you need money or how you will spend the cash. Just a few questions and a short conversation.
  • No credit check for title loans in Waukesha and Pewaukee. You loans is based on the collateral you put up, so there is no reason whatsoever to do a credit check.
  • Fast money. Most applications are processed and approved the same day the person applies for title loans in Pewaukee. However, that does not mean it takes the full day. Most loans are processed and handed out in a matter of hours.
  • Flexible repayment. Terms are up to six months long, but if you need more time, Midwest Title Lender can work it out. There is probably no reason we can’t renew your loan for another term so you have the extra time you need to make payments.

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