Car Title Loans Wisconsin

Title Loans Oconomowoc

Stressing out because you don’t have enough money can make you physically sick. Of course, sickness means more money out of your pocket to get better. Why not get around all of that unpleasantness by getting the extra cash you need from title loans in Oconomowoc?

Understanding Title Loans Oconomowoc

Anytime you find an easier way to get money, you’ve found a good thing. With title loans, the easier way is to just use your vehicle as collateral. While you probably never imaged using your car for anything more than driving or transportation, it is a lot less complicated than trying to get the same amount of money through a bank loan. Just give Midwest Title Lender your vehicle title, and Midwest Title Lender gives you money. Of course, there are a few pre-qualifications to meet before you apply. You must be at least 18, and you must own the car you plan to use as collateral. Your name must listed as the owner on the registration papers. One last requirement is for you to have a job or some source of income so you can afford to pay back the loan.

Title Loans Oconomowoc Applications

Applying for title loans in Oconomowoc is nothing like applying for other types of loans. While they tend to be long and complicated, title loan applications are short and to-the-point. Just supply the make, model and mileage of the vehicle being used as collateral, add the mileage and the name and number of the applicant, and click submit. You will get a loan quote and then a call from a Midwest Title Lender representative. During the call, you set up a payment schedule and make sure your car’s value actually matches the loan offer. After the call, you will sign a loan agreement, give us your vehicle’s title, and collect your money.

Wisconsin Legal Info

  • Borrowers can get loans that total half the value of their vehicle, but no loans are to be more than $25,000.
  • Borrowers can cancel a title loan if they return all the money by the end of business on the day after they sign a loan agreement. Lenders may not charge the borrower a fee of any kind on rescinded loans.
  • Lenders must have a license, must not require borrowers to turn over keys to vehicles used as collateral, and they must give the borrower a written statement with the total loan amount, all fees and any charges the borrower must pay back.


  • Benefit number one- you get money! Since money is why you apply for title loans in Oconomowoc, being approved and getting the cash is the most important thing, right? Seriously, many title loan customers have lower credit scores, which means they are normally rejected for loans or financing at traditional lending institutions. Having someone say yes is a great feeling.
  • Benefit number two- you get the money fast. As if getting the money wasn’t good enough, you usually get the same day you apply for a loan. If the bank will approve you for a loan, do you really think they will give you the money the same day you apply? You probably won’t even get in the same week. The bottom line is that if you need money fast, title loans in Waukesha and Oconomowoc are the way to go.
  • Other benefits don’t have the same top-ranking status as numbers one and two, but they are still amazing benefits. For example, title loans are secure financing, meaning collateral is used to secure the loan. That means there is no credit check. Do you have bad credit? Have you filed for bankruptcy? At most places, you wouldn’t even consider applying because you already know how they will react to your credit woes, but Midwest Title Lender is different. All credit types are welcome, and nearly everyone is approved for title loans in Oconomowoc.

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