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Title Loans Manitowoc

When short-term lending companies are brought up, there tends to be this misguided knee-jerk reaction from the general public that you should stay away from such agencies because of their notoriety for scamming people. The reality is, there are many good, honest lending firms out there that you can turn to for help in times of need — Midwest Title Lender happens to be one of them.

Even better, title loans Manitowoc are less likely to create problems for you down the road, since they offer the fastest cash delivery at the lowest rates and the simplest repayment schedule you could ask for. The likes of cash advance and payday loans have a lot to answer for in light of this, but get this: There’s no credit check to get the ball rolling with title loans Manitowoc. In fact, the only requirement for getting the cash you need is the temporary repossession of the paid-off title to a vehicle that’s legally registered to your name. We don’t touch the vehicle itself while we await repayment, and once you’ve compensated us of all dues, the title returns to you.

What about applying for title loans Manitowoc?

Believe us, we know the hassle and struggle of signing up just for a chance to be a customer for another company, be it an insurer, lender or simple supporter in times of need. It’s almost like they don’t want their customers, or for that matter, to help people. We at Midwest Title Lender like to keep things simple, asking only for the following:

  • a name to address you by
  • a phone number for us to contact you at
  • the type of vehicle you’re providing the title to, be it car, motorcycle or boat
  • the model, make, year and estimated mileage

We use the information about your vehicle to generate a free title loan estimate, and a representative will reach out to you at the provided number as soon as possible to help you determine if title loans Manitowoc are right for you. If you decide to commit, we’ll just need to know a little more about your identity and employment situation to ensure that you’re within legal boundaries and can compensate us of the loan in timely fashion. We also provide a title loan calculator to help you along with this.

Are there Wisconsin laws that protect my end of the deal?

Of course, nobody wants to just give away their hard-earned title to some company who’s off the leash to split with it. Over the years, lending agencies of all kinds (including Midwest Title Lender) have become subjects of scrutiny and intense regulation. Here are a few laws to know about for your peace of mind:

  1. At no point may a lender push your loan’s interest meterage beyond 10%, and they may not alter any condition or term agreed upon in the contract. They also may not create title loans that exceed an original term period of 30 days.
  2. Auto pawn companies are required to take every step in ensuring that the customer for which a title loan is created is legally capable of repaying the loan and all overhead charges inside a prompt window of time.
  3. Distributors of title loans are required to hire representatives who are legally licensed to do so. Your vehicle also can not be repossessed until you’ve fallen more than 30 days delinquent on your payments.

Sounds like a plan.

As a leading provider of title loans in Wisconsin, Midwest Title Lender delivers on everything that makes title loans better than their alternatives. Let’s check out those perks one more time:

  1. Easy. Title loans Manitowoc have the simplest application process and require zero credit checks to hook you up with the cash you need.
  2. Fast. With blazing-quick delivery as soon as the same day you’ve applied, you’ll be prompt on all your upcoming payments.
  3. Economical. With the softest rates in the industry, title loans are easy to pay back in a timely manner.

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