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Those calls from bill collectors have become so frequent that you’re considering turning off the phone. That won’t help. The bills will still be yours, and they will still be past due. What you need is money to pay those bills, and get the bill collectors off your back. Well, look no further than title loans in Little Chute. If you have a car, you can get money to pay your debts almost immediately.

Title Loans Little Chute Explained

Your car is valuable and can get you a loan. Just use the equity in your vehicle as a security pledge for title loans in Appleton and Little Chute. You give the lender the title to that vehicle, and they give you money. After you pay off the loan, the title comes back to you. All you need to qualify is a lien-free vehicle that is paid off and has your name on the registration document. You also need to be at least 18 years old and have a job or another source of income.

Applications for Title Loans Little Chute

Since you meet the qualifications, the rest of the loan process is some basic paperwork and brief discussions about the loan. Start the online application by clicking through the options to show the type of car, truck or motorcycle you plan to use as collateral. Then, type in the mileage, your name and give us a way to contact you. We will give you a loan estimate and call you about the offer. During a chat with a Midwest Title Lender agent, you will go over any issues or concerns you have about title loans, discuss how you will pay the loan back and set up dates to make payments. Also discussed is your vehicle and its condition. Giving a loan estimate based on the make and model is the first step. We need to verify that the value of the car actually matches the loan offer. Of course, if it does not, then the loan offer may be lowered a bit. If the car is more valuable, the loan offer may be increased. We work this out before you sign a loan agreement. When everything is finished, just give us the title, and collect your cash.

Legal Information

  • Max loan allowed is $25,000.
  • Max loan for an individual borrower is 50 percent of their car’s value.
  • Borrowers who want to rescind a loan can do so if they return the loan money within one business day of accepting the money. In this case, the lender may not charge the borrower a fee or a penalty.
  • When a vehicle is repossessed and sold, the lender gets money to recover their loan and all associated fees, including money spent to repossess and sell the vehicle. Any money left over from the vehicle’s sale after the lender gets its money will go to the borrower.


You got the money, which helps pay bills and stops those collection calls, so that’s the biggest benefit of title loans in the Midwest. Getting the money extremely fast is another biggie. You certainly can’t go to a bank and expect to apply for a loan, be approved and get the cash the same day. Plus, the bank wants to check your credit to make sure you’ve been paying on time. Midwest Title Lender does not check the credit of our clients because we use collateral for our loans. That makes the process go faster, and it opens up the possibility of being approved to a lot more people.

You get up to six months to pay off title loans in Little Chute, but if you find that too difficult, let us know. Midwest Title Lender is willing to renew your loan for another term or find a way to give you more time to pay off the loan. We also let you keep your car while you pay us back.


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