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What type of emergency could put you in financial ruin? If you’re thinking that would have to be a major type of disaster, think again. Most people have little to no money put aside for emergencies, which means even a small situation can have a huge financial impact. What is your plan when that happens? With money, you can fix the problem. Without money, you spend your time trying to find money to fix the problem. What you should know is that a solution is available when the time comes that you need emergency money. And, that time will come because something always happens. When it does, just plan on title loans in Greenfield.
Less than two million people a year get title loans, which is when they use their car or truck as collateral to get approved for a loan. It’s unfortunate that more people don’t take advantage of this great opportunity, especially when it benefits so many people. Title loans are available for people with poor credit, bad credit and even a bankruptcy. Midwest Title Lender does not do credit checks. Everything is based on the value of the vehicle used as collateral. As long as the applicant owns the car used to secure the loan, is at least 18 years old and has a way to repay the loan, they will probably be approved for title loans in Greenfield.

Applications for Title Loans Greenfield

Online applications are very short. You only need to tell us the make, model, year and mileage of your vehicle, and your name, address and phone number. This helps us give you a title loan estimate, and then we call you get more information so we can make a final offer. Loan amounts are determined by the condition of the vehicle, so a car with damage might get a lower offer than the original loan quote, but a vehicle kept in great condition could get an even higher loan amount. During the call with the Midwest Title Lender rep, you also set up a payment schedule and decide when to collect the money. After you turn in your title, the money is yours.

Legal Information

Title loans can be up to $25,000 and up to six-month terms. Lenders must give borrowers 20 days notice before repossessing a vehicle.


  • Title loans in Greenfield are flexible enough to allow changes when things aren’t working out the way you planned. Talk to a loan assistant, and let them know what kind of challenges you are going through. They can renew your loan or restructure it, which can result in lower payments or a longer time frame to pay it back.
  • Some lenders want to make as much money as possible, so they don’t allow you to pay off their loans early. That allows them to collect the maximum interest amount. But, Midwest Title Lender will not penalize you that way. If you want to pay off the loan early, that is your right.
  • Title loans in West Allis and Greenfield are so much easier to get than a bank loan because they are based on collateral that you put up. Bank loans are based on several factors, such as what you plan to do with the money, how much money you currently make and your credit history. Midwest Title Lender does not do credit checks, but banks do, and if your score is not up their standard, you will probably get a no on their loan application.
  • With title loans, you get to drive your car when you leave. That’s right. You get the money and the car.

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