Car Title Loans Wisconsin

Title Loans Fitchburg

You need money. Whether it’s for an emergency, such as home repair, or for something special, like tickets to a concert, you need that money quickly. The question is where can you find the cash? It’s not in the sofa cushions, and it’s certainly not at the bank. That loan process takes weeks! One place that has the money you need right now is title loans Fitchburg.
Be willing to trade your car title for money, and you get Midwest title loans. Owning a vehicle is one of the requirements to get a loan, and how much money you get depends on the value of the car, truck or motorcycle used to secure the loan. When the loan is paid back in full, Midwest Title Lender returns your title.

Eligibility Requirements for Title Loans Fitchburg

Be legally old enough to get title loans in Fitchburg, which is at least 18.
Own a vehicle that is lien-free, paid for and has your name on the registration.
Have income from a job or another source, including disability, retirement or unemployment benefits.

Application Process

Step one in applying for title loans in Madison and Fitchburg is to complete a short online form. Just put in the make, model and year of your vehicle. Add the miles it has, your name and contact information, and click submit. You get a quick estimation of what your loan amount could be, but the actual number is determined when you discuss the loan with a Midwest Title Lender agent. The phone call is step two. During the call, a final loan offer is made, which is dependent on your vehicle’s condition. There are a just a few documents to go over and payments to set up, but once you’re done with that, just hand in your title papers. Step three is the best because that’s when you get the money.

Wisconsin Legal Information

  • The Wisconsin Division of Banking regulates title loans in Wisconsin.
  • Title lenders must be licensed.
  • Borrowers can potentially get up to $25,000 in loan money, but the amount cannot be more than 50 percent of their vehicle’s value.
  • Term limits can be up to six months, but do not have to be that long. Loans may be renewed for additional loan periods.
  • When a borrower’s account is in default, the lender may repossess the vehicle that was pledged to secure the loan. Before a vehicle is repossessed, the lender must give the borrower 20 days advance notice.


  • Money is so easy to come by with title loans that this is clearly the biggest benefit of getting the loan. If money was easy to get other ways or other places, you could go there instead, but it isn’t. In fact, other lenders make getting money complicated and uncertain.
  • There is no penalty for paying off a loan early.
  • If you can’t make payments as arranged, let us know. We understand the difficulties of not having enough money to pay bills. In fact, that is why most people come to Midwest Title Lender for loans. It may be why you came for a loan. So, if things are still challenging, let us help you by renewing your loan or redoing some things to extend those payments or deadlines. There is a way to work things out, as long as you let us know you need help.
  • Our job is to help you get money to maintain your normal lifestyle, and part of that is letting you keep your car. We only need the title, so why would we disrupt your lifestyle by keeping your car parked in a lot where it does no good to you or us?

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