Car Title Loans Wisconsin

Title Loans Cedarburg

The weather turned cold, so you turned on the heat. When nothing but cool air came out, you called the HVAC guy for an inspection, fully expecting it to be a minor issue. After all, the system is not that old. Unfortunately, the system has serious problems, the warranty just ran out, and it will cost an awful lot of money to repair. That may not have happened to you, but it’s an example of the type of unexpected expense that puts people into financial despair. What can you do when something devastates your bank account? One way to replenish your funds is with title loans in Cedarburg.

Get the money you need with an even swap. That’s all title loans in Wisconsin are, really. You swap the title to the vehicle you pledge as collateral for a loan from a title lender. By making the loans collateral-based, there is no need to do a credit check. This means more people, particularly those with bad credit, will be approved for title loans in Cedarburg. To qualify for these loans, you need to be at least 18 years old, having a job or source of income and own a vehicle to use as loan security.

Title Loans Cedarburg Applications

Start the online application by picking your vehicle’s make, model and year, then adding the mileage. Then, type in your name, address and phone number, and wait for a title loan estimate, which comes to you pretty quickly. A Midwest Title Lender associate will call you to discuss the loan and get other information needed to finish the process. One of the main points to talk about is your vehicle and its condition. The condition needs to be good enough to match the loan offer. If the vehicle has damage that lowers its value, the loan amount may be lowered. If the vehicle is in excellent condition or has upgrades, your loan offer may go up some. You and the associate will also set a loan repayment schedule and discuss the income used to repay the loan. Finally, you will sign the loan contract, turn in the title, and get the money.

Legal Requirements

  • Wisconsin allows loans of up to $25,000.
  • Consumers can get loans that are up to one-half the value of their vehicle.
  • Loan repayment terms are up to six months long.
  • Before signing a loan contract, the lender must give the borrower a written statement with a full list of money the client must repay. This includes any fees and interest payments.


Major benefits of title loans are pretty easy to recognize. You get approved easily because there is no credit check, which is great for anyone in a bankruptcy or with bad credit. You get the money fast, which is amazing since it typically takes weeks to get cash when you apply for traditional loans. You get to keep your car, and interest rates are often lower than similar types of loans.

One benefit you may not have thought about is that title loans in Milwaukee and Cedarburg keep you from asking someone you know for money. It’s always a challenge to maintain a good relationship when one person is indebted to the other person. If you don’t repay the debt when you promised to, it could damage your relationship. Title loans in the Midwest don’t come with a personal attachment, and Midwest Title Lender understands if you can’t pay off the loan exactly as planned. In fact, if you just let us know the challenges you are facing, we can try to renew or restructure the loan to help you out.


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