Car Title Loans Wisconsin

Title Loans Burlington

Never one to let a special occasion pass without acknowledging the person of honor, you are finding it more and more difficult to afford the gifts and cards. If you don’t find a way to boost your bank account, you will have to stop being so generous, and you don’t want that. So, why not take advantage of the fast money offered through title loans in Burlington?

Pledge your car, truck or motorcycle as security, give the title to the lender, and get money. There is nothing complicated about title loans Midwest. As long as you are at least 18, have an income and own the vehicle you plan to use as collateral, you are an excellent candidate for title loans in Burlington. During the loan term Midwest Title Lender will keep your title, and when the loan is over, your title is returned to you.

Title Loans Burlington Application Process

Simple is best when it comes to title loans in Burlington. Complicating things slows down the process and makes it more difficult to approve applicants who really need help. That’s why the application for title loans in Waukesha and Burlington only asks for the make, model, mileage and year of the vehicle used as collateral. Your name and contact info is also required, of course, because we will call you to talk about the loan quote, which you get when you submit the application. A Midwest Title Lender rep finds out more about your income, because you need one to pay back the loan. They also work out payment plans, answer questions about the loan process and find out more about your vehicle. Its value determines the actually loan amount, so we need to make sure the value matches the loan estimate. Sometimes an inspection is needed, and sometimes a vehicle will have a higher or lower value that affects the loan offer. Final steps in the process include you signing a loan contract, turning in the title and collecting the cash.

Legal Info

Lenders must give their clients a written statement that shows exactly how much loan money, interest and fees the customers will have to pay back. This document must be provided before a borrower signs a loan agreement.

Lenders must give borrowers 20 days notice before the customer’s vehicle is going to be repossessed.

Borrowers can potentially get up to $25,000, but their loan amount can’t be more than one half of the value of the vehicle they use as collateral. If, after they have accepted a title loan, they decide they don’t want it, they can back out without being penalized. But, they must return the money within one business day of accepting the cash.


  • Is 24 hours fast enough to get a loan? We often say you can get the loan within 24 hours of applying, but most people get theirs a lot faster than that.
  • Bad credit and bankruptcy are two of the worst conditions to have if need a loan from a bank. Good thing you are getting a loan from Midwest Title Lender, where your credit history is not considered, not talked about and not a factor. By offering collateral-based loans, we can serve all the folks the banks reject. Title loans have a very high rate of acceptance, and it’s because there is no credit check.
  • Six months is a pretty good time frame to pay off a short-term loan, but not everyone can manage to do it that fast. That’s why Midwest Title Lender is open to renewing the loan of customers who need more time to repay. Sometimes it’s not more time that is needed but lower payments. That is something we can also work with, but if you’re having problems, we need to know. Tell us when you first encounter a problem so we can deal with it before it gets out of hand.

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