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Title Loans Brown Deer

Have you ever found yourself searching the sofa cushions for change or digging under the car seats hoping to find a few dimes or quarters? If so, it sounds like you understand what it’s like to be broke. If we’re being honest, most of us have been there, but some of us no longer go there. That’s because we have discovered title loans in Brown Deer.

What are Title Loans Brown Deer?

Whether it’s just a small loan to get you through until payday, or you need a larger loan to knock out a few big bills, title loans in Brown Deer are an easy way to get the money. Just apply using your vehicle as collateral. After being approved, Midwest Title Lender holds on to your vehicle title while you pay off the loan. When all payments are made, you get the title back. To get the loan, you need to use a vehicle that you own, and your name must be on the registration papers. There must be no liens and no more payments to make on the vehicle. You also need to be 18 or above and have a source of income so you can afford to pay back the loan.

Applications for Title Loans Brown Deer

Now that you know how title loans work, you can apply with the confidence that you will likely be approved. Just click through the options for your car type on the online application, add in your mileage, your name and contact information, and submit. You will get a loan estimate, and a Midwest Title Lender representative will call you to set up payment arrangements, discuss loan details and talk about the condition of your car. A quick inspection is sometimes needed just to make sure the car’s value matches the loan estimate. With all the particulars worked out for the loan, just hand in your title, and enjoy the money.

Legal Information

Wisconsin allows title loans of up to $25,000, and loan terms can be as long as six months. How much a borrower gets is dependent on the value of their vehicle, but no consumer can get a loan that exceeds one half the value of their vehicle. Borrowers can back out of a loan if they return the loan money within one business day of accepting the payment.

Lenders must give approved borrowers a written account of all expected payments, including interest charges, before the customer signs a loan agreement. Lenders must give 20 days notice before repossessing a vehicle. Lenders may not require borrowers to turn over a copy of their car key as part of their loan agreement.


Just being able to get the loan is the best benefit of all for people with bad credit. They are rarely approved for credit anywhere because of their payment history, but by using collateral for title loans in Milwaukee and Brown Deer, they don’t need to go through a credit check. How they have paid bills in the past is not a part of the title loan process. Midwest Title Lender bases their approval on collateral and the borrower’s ability to repay the loan, which is why title loan approvals are so high.

A huge benefit to all applicants is how fast they get the money. If they apply on any given day, they are most likely going to take home their loan money that same day. That’s because Midwest Title Lender has condensed everything so that the process is not lengthy and burdensome to clients. Applications, conversations and inspections as all quick so that customers can get in, get the money, and get on with their lives.

Your car is tied to the loan, but that doesn’t mean it is literally tied. There is no reason for a lender to keep your car since they have the title. While you pay off the loan, take the car, and keep driving.


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