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Wouldn’t it be great if money really did grow on trees? We would all have one, and no one would have money problems. Since we live in the real world, when we need money we get a job. When our salary is not enough, we get a loan. Instead of heading down to the bank the next time you need financing, consider the easier and faster alternative known as title loans in Wisconsin.

Whether it is a car, a motorcycle, a truck or another mode of transportation, vehicles have a lot of value. That’s why Midwest Title Lender uses them to secure personal loans known as title loans Beaver Dam. A borrower simply uses the vehicle as loan security, which means Midwest Title Lender doesn’t need to run their credit. Without that blocking the way to approval, many people, especially those with bad credit, look to title loans as a convenient funding method. Applicants need to have an income and be an adult. Their vehicle must be paid off in full and have their name as the owner on registration documents.

Applications for Title Loans Beaver Dam

If you’re only familiar with the loan process from the standpoint of a traditional lender, you might think it’s the same situation with title loans. It is not. With online title loan applications, you just click or type the make, model, year and mileage of your vehicle. Then, add your name and contact information, and tap the submit button. You get a loan quote and a call from a Midwest Title Lender representative. During the call, it is necessary to discuss your income because you need to be able to pay the loan back. Also discussed is the condition your vehicle is in, which is how the final loan offer is determined. A vehicle inspection may be required. After setting up a payment plan, signing loan documents and turning over the title to the vehicle, we give you the money you need.

Wisconsin Legal Info

  • Loans can be up to $25,000, but no customer can get a loan amount that is over half the value of the vehicle they use as collateral.
  • Lenders are required to give a written statement to each approved borrower that shows what that borrower owes the lender. This amount is to include all fees and interest charges.
  • Lenders must give borrowers at least 20 days notice if that borrower’s vehicle will be repossessed for a delinquent account.


  • Get cash very quickly. This is important if you need cash for an emergency, such as paying your light bill before they are turned off.
  • No credit check. There is no magic number that all lenders follow when considering a person’s credit score, but every one of them is likely to reject a loan application for someone with bad credit. It’s good thing title lenders don’t use credit checks, right? Using collateral allows Midwest Title Lender to approve more loans, especially for people with scores that are rejected everywhere else.
  • Keep your car. There’s no need to change your lifestyle just because you get title loans in Beaver Dam
  • Keep driving and going about your business, as long as you leave the title with the lender.
  • Cheaper than cash advance. Interest rates on title loans are typically lower, which means the amount of money borrowers pay back is lower than that on cash advance loans.
  • Quick repayment. Loan terms are short so you can repay the money and go on with life. However, if you need more time to pay back the loan, there are options to renew the loan or make changes that help pay it off.
  • Better than pawning your belongings. You will probably have to pawn a multitude of items to get the amount of money you want. Instead, just use your vehicle, which is one item, to get the money you need.

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