Car Title Loans Wisconsin

Title Loans Baraboo

A great way to acquire financing over the short term is to take out a title loan with Midwest Title Lender. As an authority on the title loan industry, we want to provide clear information explaining the title loan borrowing process to our potential clients.

With a title loan, a consumer uses his or her vehicle as collateral to take out a small loan. Then, this loan is paid back over a generally fairly short period of time.

What consumers have to do to apply for title loans Baraboo

Any consumer must go through certain steps if he or she wishes to take out a title loan. The first step is to submit an application.

Our application can be accessed and submitted online. In our application, we ask for prospective borrowers to send us some important information on their vehicles. We need to get a good idea of how much the vehicle in question is worth, so we ask for the vehicle’s make, model, mileage, and condition. We also ask for some general personal information about the applicant like his or her address.

How the laws of Wisconsin impact title loans Baraboo

Title loans in Wisconsin are perfectly legal and are regulated by the state government in such a way as to protect consumers. Consumers in Wisconsin can rest assured that they’re getting a high quality loan product in a title loan in the state. Midwest Title Lender recommends that consumers understand state regulations regarding title loans.

In Wisconsin, a title loan can be offered on any amount below 50 percent of the value of the vehicle being offered as collateral. This loan amount cannot exceed $25,000 even if the vehicle in question is valuable enough.

There is no cap on interest rates applied to Wisconsin car loans. The loan term cannot exceed six months.

How consumers can benefit from title loans Baraboo

It’s easy to see why a car title loan would enormously benefit a consumer in need of a small loan who has poor credit. The following are six of the major benefits that consumers can enjoy by taking out title loans Baraboo:

  • Relatively lenient credit requirements- The credit requirements for a title loan are much more lenient than they are with a traditional loan. Because the borrower’s vehicle is held as collateral, title loan lenders can be a little less concerned about credit history. This is hugely beneficial to borrowers with less-than-perfect credit scores.
  • The ability to multitask with one’s vehicle- It’s important that those who are interested in title loans understand that they can continue to use their vehicle while it is being held as collateral on a loan. This means that their vehicles can multitask as loan collateral and transportation source at one time.
  • The possibility of getting a loan even when one is unemployed- Lenders are typically wary of providing financing to unemployed borrowers. However, an unemployed applicant for a title loan has a pretty good chance of being approved if he or she has a vehicle.
  • Being able to pay off a loan quickly- Title loans are purposely kept small so that they are easy to pay off. Being able to pay off a loan quickly is important with a title loan because borrowers need to reestablish healthy finances as quickly as possible.
  • The convenience of online applications- Applicants can do everything online with title loans.
  • A quick process- The entire title loan application process can be very fast so borrowers get their funds sooner.

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