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We are currently not accepting applications in Ohio.

Nowadays, there are more than just traditional loans out there for those looking for small, short term financing. Lenders today provide many different types of financial products, and achieving peak financial condition is about knowing what these options are and how best to use them to your advantage.

The title loan is one newer, alternative loan product that consumers would do well to familiarize themselves with. A title loan is a small loan that is offered with a vehicle held as collateral.

Navigating the title loans Xenia application

At Midwest Title Lender, title loans in Dayton are readily available to those who own a qualifying vehicle and submit our online application.

The application we ask all prospective borrowers to submit will include some important information on the applicant’s vehicle. We must know what type of vehicle the applicant has, and the applicant must be in possession of the title for the vehicle in question. If the applicant has lost his or her title, it will be necessary to get a replacement title from the state D.M.V. before a loan can be furnished.

After submitting an application, the applicant can await our response. We review all applications and respond promptly.

If we send a loan offer back to the applicant, the applicant can decide to go through with the loan. Then, he or she can send in an agreement along with the vehicle title.

After we receive the title, we’ll send the funds to the bank account that the applicant provides us with. Then, the final phase of the loan process is the repayment phase. We’ll get back the loan and then return the borrower’s title.

Title loans Xenia: What you need to know about Ohio state regulations

In Ohio, there are certain state laws that limit title loans Xenia in terms of what their interest rates can be and how much they can be given out for. These laws protect the financial interests of consumers and allow consumers to do business with lenders in the state without fear of predatory lending.

The two most important Ohio regulations to be aware of before doing business with Midwest Title Lender is the cap on the loan amount and the cap on the interest rates. Car title loans in Ohio cannot exceed $800 in amount. Also, they cannot exceed 28 percent in their interest rate. Any title loan lender in the state needs to adhere to these two important regulations.

Best reasons to take advantage of title loans Xenia

The advantages to title loans are many, and they’re a perfect solution for a wide, diverse body of different types of customers.

If you can benefit from any of the following unique benefits of title loans, this type of financial product might be right for you:

  • The convenience of a calculator for title loans– Those who apply for a loan for us can apply knowing how much they’ll eventually be able to borrow. We offer a calculator for title loans that applicants can use before they even apply to determine how much they can borrow.
  • Small loan amounts that are easily repayable- Title loan borrowers avoid a debt cycle because loan amounts are kept small.
  • The ability to get a loan if you’re unemployed- People who are unemployed are often in need of a loan while between jobs. Title loans are available to those without jobs.
  • A multitasking vehicle- While a borrower uses a vehicle as collateral, he or she can continue to drive the vehicle in question.