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Title Loans Willoughby

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One of the most important things you need to stay on top of your finances is access to quick and convenient loans. A small loan can go a long way in holding you over when you’re a little short on cash, and auto title loans in OH are a good solution.

This type of loan is a secured loan for which a vehicle title is held as collateral.

Title loans Willoughby: The application steps

As with any loan, it’s necessary to fill out an application and send it into the lender for a title loan. The Midwest Title Lender application asks for information on the applicant’s car. Because a vehicle is held as collateral on the loan, the value of that vehicle is perhaps the most important consideration in evaluating applications.

Applicants are typically approved as long as they include info on a qualifying vehicle. We send responses back quickly to applications at Midwest Title Lender. We’re also always available to answer any questions from prospective borrowers on loan offers they receive.

If an applicant receives a loan offer after submitting an application, he or she can decide to go ahead with the loan and send in his or her title. The last steps are to receive the loan funds and then to pay them back according to the payment terms of the loan agreement.

Title loans Willoughby legal technicalities

Title loans in the Midwest are typically regulated on the state level. In Ohio, there are two important regulations that borrowers and lenders must be aware of and comply with.

Firstly, there is a regulation that limits the total dollar amount of a title loan. In Ohio, title loans cannot be made for more than $800 each. Limiting the dollar amount of a title loan keeps loan amounts small so that they can quickly be repaid.

The other important Ohio regulation is that interest rates cannot be any greater than 28 percent. This is a fairly low-interest rate in comparison to interest rates on title loans in other states. This means that Ohio residents can be guaranteed relatively small interest charges on title loans.

Title loans Willoughby and what their most important benefits for consumers are

The benefits are many to this unique type of loan that so many people have the chance of approval for. If you’re wondering what some of the most important benefits of title loans Willoughby are, consider the following:

  • Title loans don’t have strict approval requirements- For title loans in Cleveland and everywhere in the state of Ohio, it’s not very difficult to be approved. The major thing one needs is a vehicle. However, one does not need a strong credit history or a job.
  • Title loans allow the borrower to continue using his or her vehicle- Some people are deterred from title loans because they think it won’t be possible to continue with the use of their vehicle during the loan. This is not the case. Borrowers get to use their vehicle throughout the entire loan. The only thing they need to give to the lender is the title.
  • Title loans can be applied for online- Borrowers don’t have to go to a financial institution in person to apply. This saves time and makes the entire process as convenient as possible.
  • Title loans are often paid back very quickly- An estimate for title loan shows that repayment occurs quickly and borrowers don’t have to be making payments for a long period of time.