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If you are searching for a car title loan, our staff here at Midwest Title Lender understands the frustrations that can arise from your search. Whether you are in need of the money because of a recent car accident, unprecedented medical bills—whatever the case may be—we are always here to help you.

A car title loan is defined as a type of loan where in exchange for an unspecified lump sum of money, the consumer signs over his or her vehicle title to the lender as a form of collateral. Collateral is used to ensure that if the money is not repaid to the lender without the agreed upon amount of time, then the lender has the full right to seize your vehicle and do with it what they please.

Benefits of car title loans in Upper Arlington:

At a first glance, a car title loan sounds like a bit of a gray concept, yet it’s anything but. Every type of loan you can find today will typically require some sort of collateral to initiate the loan, whether it be an auto loan, a home loan, or a student loan. A car title loan is really no different.

In fact, there are numerous hidden benefits associated with car title loan that you simply cannot find with other types of loans offered by other financial institutions.

They are:

  • Lack of credit check: Midwest Title Lender will not run a credit check on you at any time. This is done for two reasons, the first and foremost being that we simply do not need to. Your collateral is enough. Here at Midwest Title Lender, we understand how hard a finicky financial situation can be, and how quickly it can arise. Which leads into the second benefit . . .
  • Near-instant approval: With car title loans in Arlington, the approval process on your application will be nearly instantaneous. There is no hassle, or weeks upon weeks of waiting for your financial institution to make a decision that may never come to be. We want you to have the funds that you need so that you can get where you need to be as quickly as possible.

How to apply for a car title loan:

Whether you’re applying for car title loans in Columbus, car title loans in Upper Arlington, or car title loans in OH, our free and online application process is always the same. Venture a bit deeper into our website to find our application. Once you begin, you will be prompted to enter the following information:

  • About yourself: Midwest Title Lender will ask you to provide us with some basic information about yourself, which includes details such as your name, your phone number, and your zipcode. We do this without any fraudulent intent. Our aim here it to have the means in contacting you as swiftly as possible to continue onward with your approved loan.
  • Your vehicle: Provide us with basic information about your vehicle. This includes simple details, such as the year, make, model, and style of the vehicle, along with the mileage as read on the odometer. We ask for this information because through reviewing it, it is possible for our staff to create a loan limit for you.

The legality of car title loans:

Title loans in Upper Arlington are perfectly legal. Some state-by-state regulations may vary, but with car title loans in Upper Arlington, they’re pretty basic. You will typically be given thirty days to repay your debts to your lender, otherwise they have the full right to seize your collateral—your vehicle. Some lenders may extend their agreements, however, and in this case it would be crucial to speak with an experienced car title loans officer to find out more.

What are you waiting for? Begin your application, send it in, and let our experts use their calculator for title loans to determine just how much you could take away today.