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If you are looking for a car title loan, know that the hunting process ends here. Midwest Title Lender is fully dedicated to helping our customers secure the funds that they need, for every occasion. Whether you are in a financial pinch, or are just looking to get a little extra cash, Midwest Title Lender is here to help.

By definition, a car title loan is a type of loan agreement between a lender and a consumer which states that in exchange for an unspecified loan amount, the consumer agrees to sign his or her car title over to the lender as a form of collateral. If the loan amount is not paid in full within the specified agreement period, the lender has the full right to repossess the vehicle of the consumer, and do with it what they wish.

This concept sound rather dark, but it’s anything but. Collateral is a form of protection yielded by the majority of financial institutions. It’s their way of knowing that even if the consumer cannot or does not pay back his or her loan amounts they have secured at least a breakeven profit from the deal. The majority of other loan types—home loans, student loans, automobile loans—all implement “collateral” as a key concept, and is often a deal-breaker for them as well.

The benefits of car title loans:

The benefits of car title loans in Akron, car title loans in Stow, or car title loans in OH are unparalleled in comparison with other types of loans. There are two primary reasons for this. They are:

Nearly instant approval: Midwest Title Lender takes great pride in its ability to quickly and professionally review a loan application and disburse a loan within days—sometimes even hours—of being approved. There is no hassled wait that comes with other financial institutions, as they studiously review your application and may or may not even approve it.

No credit check: Midwest Title Lender will not run a credit check on you. Why don’t we? Your collateral is enough. Our process is simplified and quick, and there’s no reason to let our due diligence suffer here.

How to apply for car title loans in Stow:

Applying for car title loan in Stow is easy. Move a little bit deeper into our website and discover our free application process. Upon filling it out, you will be prompted to provide us with the following information:

About yourself: Your name, your phone number, and your zip code. That’s it. We only use this information with the sole intent of contacting you in the successful review and approval of your loan application.

Your vehicle: The make, model, year, and style of the vehicle, along with the mileage of the vehicle as read on the odometer. We use this information to appraise your loan and set a loan limit for you.

Legality of car title loans:

Car title loans in Stow are legal, as they are in the rest of the United States.

Generally, the following rule applies:

Lenders typically provide the consumer with 30 days to repay the loan in full, otherwise they obtain the full right to seize the vehicle and do with it as they wish. Some extensions may be granted, depending on the situation. Speak with a car title loans officer to find out more.

So what are you waiting for? Your title loans in Stow are waiting for you. Begin your application today, electronically file it, and let our staff review your information. We will contact you as quickly as we can with a free title loan estimate.