Title Loans Ohio

Title Loans Parma

We are currently not accepting applications in Ohio.

Midwest Title Lender is happy to bring its business of title loans in Ohio. Given the current job market and economy, more and more residents are seeking car title loans Parma than ever before. We are the best in the industry and we have come to help you during your time of need.

We began offering title loans in the Midwest and emphasized our focus on small communities and local towns. There are more hard-working American families struggling than there were just five years ago, and we’re seeing a trend in how people are making ends meet and we’ve discovered the secret. They’re turning their car titles into cash, and that’s where we come in.

You can turn that sheet of paper that’s safely tucked away into a pile of instant cash to help you when you need it most. Why leave money sitting on the table when you need it? We can transform your car title into instant debt relief. If you’ve been losing sleep at night worrying how to pay bills or you’ve encountered an emergency or unexpected situation, let us take that burden from you. We can help alleviate the stress and worry because that’s what we specialize in.

How to Apply for Title Loans in Parma

We’re all about alleviating unnecessary stress in your life with title loans Parma, which is why we’ve made the application process seamless and hassle-free. To begin applying for your title loan, simply click on the “Apply” button. All you’ll need to give us is a few details about your vehicle and your basic contact information. We try not to make the process too invasive because we know how hard it is to ask for help when you need it most.

Once we receive your initial loan request via our web form, one of our helpful loan specialists will call you at their earliest convenience to give you a free, no-obligation title loan quote.

During your phone call, you can ask what is the most you can get for your car title, discuss the terms of our loans and current interest rates, and tell us about your budget so we can match a loan amount that’s affordable for you to repay. Midwest Title Lender takes lending responsibilities seriously, and we want you to have an obtainable payment based on your income.

Here is the information you’ll need to provide using our online web form:

  • Basic Contact Information (Name, Phone Number and Zip Code)
  • The Year of Your Vehicle
  • The Make of Your Vehicle
  • The Model Car You Have
  • Estimate or Exact Mileage

If after discussing the loan amounts, terms and payment options, you don’t feel comfortable, you are under no obligation to accept a loan from us. We want you to feel secure in making your decision. Most of the time consumers hesitate, it’s because there are unanswered questions so don’t be afraid to ask about something that hasn’t been discussed.

Legal Regulations

Midwest Title Lender operates within all local, state and federal legal limits and any contract signed is a binding contract. You may not enter a binding contract with our business unless you are at least 18 years of age and have all necessary proper documents at the time of the loan processing. We reserve the right to refuse service; however, we do not discriminate for any reason, including but not limited to, such as race, age, gender, marital status, religious preference or any other discriminatory factors.

The title of you, “the borrower”, must be in your name and may not have any other debts, judgments or liens against the title. We reserve the right to check the vehicle title prior to loan approval.

All payments shall be made on time and in the full amount specified of the contractual agreement. Any payments not made in full and/or on the said due date of the original agreement may be considered delinquent. Late, or delinquent, payments may be subject to vehicle repossession. This may be avoided by contacting our office and making alternative payment arrangements. No contact shall be considered avoidance within the terms of our contract.

If a repossession is unavoidable, you may incur additional fees such as, but not limited to, towing, storage and auction fees. Should a repossession of your vehicle occur, you do have the right to pay the balance of the loan at any time prior to auction. You also have the right to bid on your vehicle during the auction.

Midwest Title Lender will make multiple attempts to connect with consumers to bring the title loan into good standings, which may result in phone calls and written correspondence or any other means deemed necessary. We will issue notice prior to taking any actions against our consumers to avoid unnecessary procedures.

We strongly urge clients to call us prior to any legal actions being taken and communicating with us every step of the way. We want title loans Parma to be successful and prefer to work with customers who are trying to make their payments.

Benefits of Title Loans in Parma

When you apply for title loans Parma, we do not perform credit checks. No credit checks are attractive to many people, including those who have poor credit or no credit at all. This practice allows more consumers to obtain a secured loan than with most lending institutions and banks.

Since we do not run your credit, you don’t have to worry about your credit history affecting the loan amount or the interest rate of your loan. We will never see your credit score, so you don’t have to worry about the ghosts of your past coming back to haunt you.

Even if you have good credit, a title loan can still benefit your credit situation. Because we do not check credit, there are no credit inquiries on your credit report. We all know that credit inquiries can and do impact credit scores. Also, by not running your credit, none of your other creditors will be able to see that you are applying for, or have, another loan out. Additional debt on your credit report is another way to bog down your credit score, and this is exactly what we prevent.

You can continue to use and drive your car like normal. Again, we are not in the business to hurt individuals and we understand all to well the importance of commitments. You need your vehicle to get to work, school, pick up the kids or to help your parents. The last thing we want to do is complicate your life by taking away your transportation, which is why we don’t. During the life of your title loan, you can drive your car as much as you’d like and go any place you need to.

We do not scrutinize your needs for your title loan which means you are free to use the money as you see fit. A lot of times people will use the money for emergencies, doctor appointments, home repairs or for everyday living. Maybe you fit into that category, or maybe you just need a vacation or want to treat yourself, that’s okay too. We’ll never tell you how to use the money. Our job is to be here when you need us most and that’s what we do. We’re here to serve everyone from all over the community, regardless of what your needs are.