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Title Loans North Ridgeville

We are currently not accepting applications in Ohio.

Consumers need to know that title loans North Ridgeville are available to them when they’re in financial need. At Midwest Title Lender, we take pride in assisting clients who might not otherwise be able to take out any kind of loan. While credit score is important with a traditional loan, with a title loan ownership of a vehicle is the most important thing to take into account.

Taking out title loans North Ridgeville: What to do

There’s an easy, straightforward process to taking out title loans in Cleveland and throughout Ohio from Midwest Title Lender. This process starts with the application. Application details that we need from each and every applicant include some very important information on the vehicle that’s being held as collateral. We need to know details about the vehicle like its make and model so that we can determine its value.

Applicants enter this information and then submit the application to us so that we can look it over. We review each and every application, and we always respond promptly. In situations where we are able to offer a loan, we respond with a loan agreement that the prospective customer can then evaluate. If they so desire, they can continue with the loan. Of course, we need to have the title in possession before we can finally send out the loan funds to the borrower’s bank account.

After they receive the funds, borrowers will then need to begin making regular payments on the loan. They make payments until the loan money and any applicable interest has all been paid back. Then, they will get their vehicle title back from us.

Regulations impacting title loans North Ridgeville

In every state, there are some government regulations on the title loan and the financial industry. Ohio is no exception.

In the state of Ohio, title loans are limited in terms of how much they can be offered for. A title loan in the state can’t be offered for an amount over $800. Title loan amounts are kept low to make them affordable and improve customer finances.

There is an additional limitation placed on the interest rates of title loans in the state of Ohio. Interest rates on these loans can not exceed 28 percent. This also works to make title loan more affordable for consumers.

Benefits offered by title loans North Ridgeville

All of our clients can enjoy each of the following benefits by doing business with us and taking out car title loans in Ohio:

  • Lenient credit requirements- A huge benefit of a title loan is that there are not strict credit requirements enforced on those who apply. The vehicle is held as collateral on the loan, so this means that lenders don’t have to be too concerned about a low credit score. In this way, a title loan is sometimes the only available loan option to consumers with poor credit histories.
  • No need to have a job- While a job is almost a necessity for approval for a traditional loan, this is not the case with a title loan. Even unemployed applicants can be and are often approved.
  • A fast and convenient application process- The application process starts with submitting information online. This process is quickly carried out to completion so that applicants know right away whether they will get the loan they seek. With our title loan estimate, consumers can get a good idea of what they can borrow even before they apply.