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We are currently not accepting applications in Ohio.

If you have recently lost a job or had an emergency come up, you could be having a tough time trying to pay your rent and other expenses. Even though you are applying for a job all over town, you may need a little something to tide you over. People in this kind of situation don’t really want or need an expensive long-term loan. What they really need is some quick cash to cover bills temporarily until they can get back on their feet. If you are in the market for a short-term loan with a good interest rate, you might like to learn more about title loans in Marysville. Midwest Title Lender knows just what you need. We process loans all the time for people that need small amounts of cash on a short-term basis. We make applying easy with a convenient online application. You need to be 18 or older and have a clear title to a vehicle you own. Borrowers are free to choose when and how they spend their loan funds. If you need cash now, for any reason, consider one of our title loans that pay out cash in 24 hours or less.

What Kind of Advantages Do Title Loans Marysville Have to Offer?

One of the biggest advantages that our car title loans in Ohio have to offer is no credit qualifying. Having bad credit or even no credit history makes it really difficult for a large number of people to qualify for loans at traditional lending institutions. To qualify more people faster, reduce hassles and process more loans, we don’t use credit during the qualification process. It is that simple. If you have credit blemishes or even a bankruptcy, go ahead and apply.

Midwest Title Lender also makes it easier to qualify by offering flexible income sources. We not only accept regular job income, but we may qualify you using Social Security income, pension income, welfare benefits, unemployment benefits, sales commissions, self-employment income and more.

We’ve gone to great lengths to keep our loan process fast and simple, which also includes a number of other great benefits like:

  • Flexible payment plans.
  • Cash in 24 hours or less.
  • No early payoff penalties.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Higher payouts.
  • Professional services.

How Does Your Loan Process Work for Title Loans Marysville?

Our Application
Take a few moments to answer a couple of vehicle and contact information questions on our website. We will need your full name, zip code and telephone number. In addition, you’ll need to fill in the make, model, body style, age and a mileage estimate.

Your Loan Estimate
Shortly after applying, you should receive a call from your loan representative. Based on the information provided in your application, you will receive a personalized loan estimate. You are free to accept the title loan estimate or discontinue the loan process at this time. If you’re happy with the loan amount, you can continue the loan process.

Qualifying and Payments
You’ll be working closely with your rep during the entire loan process for title loans in Columbus. Your rep will provide you with an overview of our loan process and discuss various types of qualifying income. You’ll also have the opportunity to choose from several payment plans. It is important that you choose a payment arrangement that meets your budget and is affordable.

Closing Your Loan
State regulations require that you sign a contract, which covers a number of important aspects of your loan terms. For instance, your contract will include the total cost of the loan and the interest rate you’ll be getting. In addition, you’ll see the minimum payments, due dates and any fees.