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We are currently not accepting applications in Ohio.

You’re proud of the fact that you’re taking classes at Ohio State University, that you’re getting that long sought after degree you’ve always wanted. You know you’ll sacrifice, including going without spare time and spare cash, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Truthfully, your only slight concern – emphasis on slight – is paying for tuition and books right now. However, you know you have options. You know that you can come to Midwest Title Lender and apply for title loans in Columbus/ Mansfield anytime you need money for this sort of thing.

If you’ve discovered this page, chances are you need money. And while our tuition and books example may not resonate with you, you still need money. And that’s okay. We have it for you, regardless of why you need it. From that unexpected trip to the doc-in-the-box to the ding in your credit from that bankruptcy, getting a title loan can help you overcome your financial woes.

Yeah. We know that you’re uncertain about getting a title loan quote because of your past credit history. We really do get it. However, you should know that your ability to borrow from us isn’t based on credit. It’s based on the collateral you can offer to us in exchange for your loan. In this case, we ask that you have a vehicle with a free and clear title. Usually, this is a car, but it can be a truck or a motorcycle, too.

It really is that simple. Title loans in Mansfield can give you access to the cash you need to keep going when the money runs short. Read the rest of the page to find out the details.

Title Loans Mansfield: Where Do I Apply

The short answer is right here on our website! Our application is simple and to the point. It tells us what we need to know in order to loan you money. By the time you’re done answering the six questions we have, we’ll know the approximate value of your car plus your personal information. That’s really all we need.

So if you’d like to apply online, here’s what we need:

  • Your full name
  • Your zip code
  • Your phone number
  • Your car’s make
  • Your car’s mileage
  • Your car’s year

You’ll submit all of this information to us via our online form. It’ll take just a couple of minutes for us to send you back a loan estimate. Remember, we arrive at this amount based on the value of your car.

No doubt you’ll have a few questions once you receive the loan quote. Save those. We’ll ring you up not long after we send out the quote. The purpose of this call is to introduce you to one of the reps in the office as well as to answer those remaining questions. Naturally, while you have us on the phone, you can find out when your cash will be ready to disperse.

Title Loans Mansfield: The Legal Considerations

Most people don’t know that title loans in Ohio come with a list of requirements, but they do. Our industry is tightly regulated on both the state and federal level. The purpose of these regulations is to protect would-be borrowers and to guide lenders like Midwest Title Lender in their customer dealings.

What this means for you in plain English is this:

  • We write up a loan contract for you.
  • You’ll find the amount that you borrowed written in the contract.
  • You’ll be able to see the amount of interest we’re charging you.
  • You’ll know the dates that your payments are due.
  • Etc.

Why Get a Title Loan – A Recap of the Benefits

  • Get money for life’s little mishaps.
  • Use the cash in the way that most helps your financial situation.
  • Repair bad credit by getting a title loan.
  • Apply online.
  • Receive a loan quote in a matter of minutes.
  • Borrow with the knowledge that title loans in the Midwest come with many protections.

As you can see, title loans in the Mansfield come with many advantages. We here at Midwest Title Lender would love to introduce you to a few of those advantages.