Title Loans Ohio

Title Loans Barberton

We are currently not accepting applications in Ohio.

The benefit of having a company like Midwest Title Lender by your side is the opportunity to overcome unexpected financial hardships without causing more damage. We understand that some expenses are time-sensitive and fast cash is necessary, so we don’t require a lengthy application or wait period. We anticipate that our clients will need to continue their everyday activities that involve a commute, so each loan is secured with only the title.

We’re here to take all of the stress and worry out of trying to get through times that money is tight. It’s our goal to gain repeat business and great recommendations through competitive loan terms and reliability. We don’t put any customers through an unfair credit check or pry into personal business when deciding if a customer is suitable for a loan. Borrowers are only required to hand over their title paperwork, and it will be promptly returned when the full amount is repaid.

The Application Process for Title Loans Barberton

It’s inconvenient to have to take the time out of your day to visit a bank to request a loan, but our lending process begins online. You can provide your information to one of our licensed agents while at home or at the office in only a few short minutes. We do ask that you let us know the details of your vehicle make, model, and mileage so that the title loan estimate that we provide is accurate. The next form only asks for contact information that is used to get in touch for the brief phone interview to complete your request.

Our loan representative will discuss the contract terms with you and negotiate a repayment plan that is suitable. We don’t want to get our clients involved in an agreement that would put them at risk of losing their vehicle to repossession, so we do not offer more than half of your monthly income. You’re not obligated to hand over title or sign any contract until you feel completely comfortable with the length and terms of the loan.

Legal Information About Ohio Title Loans

Our title loans in Barberton are provided by licensed agents that must follow all legal regulations set by the state of Ohio. Borrowers do need to have the title of their collateral vehicle in their name, and they cannot apply if under the age of 18. We issue loans in exchange for the title of a vehicle, and we do have the ability to repossess if the contract terms are broken. However, we will issue a notice and try to help you get back on track before moving forward with the repossession process.

Midwest Title Lender is an honest company, so we are very open about all of the fees and terms outlined in the contract. We want our borrowers to feel confident in their ability to repay the amount borrowed, and you can rest assured that you will not be fined or otherwise penalized for early repayment. All of our representatives that provide title loans in Akron are available to address any concerns that you may have throughout the application process and repayment period.

Benefits and Perks

  • A credit check is absolutely never required to get approved for car title loans in Barberton
  • We accept many different types of income, including social security benefits and child support
  • Most clients are able to receive our car title loans in Ohio within 24 hours