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We are currently not accepting applications in Ohio.

When you are struggling to pay your bills, one of the first things people think about is taking out a loan. Unfortunately, bank loans usually conjures up bad memories of long applications, tons of documentation and being turned down because of a poor credit score. If you have ever been through the process, you know how depressing the whole scenario can be and don’t want to repeat it. Fortunately, there are much better options out there like title loans in Avon. Our approach to loans is far different from that of banks, and you won’t be bogged down in a long application process. We don’t even use any kind of credit information for qualifying, so you can’t be turned down for bad credit. Instead, our loan process relies on your car for collateral to secure the loan. Of course, you’ll need to be the legal age of 18 to sign a contract, own the car and have a clear title with no liens. You can get a small loan from Midwest Title Lender for any purpose. We use professional loan representatives that are skilled at qualifying borrowers. They’ll take you through the application process to closing, for cash, in 24 hours or less.

Will I Lose the Use of My Car with Title Loans Avon?

No, you are free to continue driving your car if you continue making timely payments according to your contract for Midwest title loans.

How Much Cash Can You Get From Title Loans Avon?

Depending upon your ability to repay the loan and the value of your vehicle, you could receive as little as a couple of hundred dollars or thousands. We apply a percentage to your vehicle value to determine loan estimates for title loans in Cleveland.

I Am a Student with Little Credit History

At other lending institutions, students are often penalized because they haven’t yet established a credit history. However, Midwest Title Lender doesn’t use credit histories to qualify. You won’t have a problem. Just go ahead and apply online for auto title loans in Ohio.

What Will I Need to Apply?

  • A government id confirming you are 18 or older.
  • You must own the car, paid in full and have no liens showing on the title.

Do You Have an Online Application?

Midwest Title Lender does have a short online application. To get started, you’ll need to provide a bit of info about your vehicle and where we can contact you to discuss the loan. We’ll need:

  • Make, age, model, style and a mileage estimate.
  • Phone number, your name and zip code.

To finish your application, you’ll receive a call from a loan rep. Your rep will present you with a quote for title loan and confirm you wish to continue with the loan. You will be discussing possible sources of income, interest rates and the best possible payment plan to meet your needs.

Am I Required to Sign a Contract?

Yes, you’ll need to read and sign a contract. State regulations require your lender to specify the terms of your agreement, which include the length of the loan, fees, minimum payments, interest rate, total amount of the loan and payment due dates.

To finalize the loan, we ask you to submit the title to your car. You keep the keys and continue driving as usual. We will return the title as soon as you make the last payment on the loan.

What Kind of Benefits Could I Expect?

  • Easy qualifying.
  • Convenient online application.
  • Loan funds in a day or less after applying.
  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Professional services.
  • No early payoff penalties.

Check out alternative loan options today, with title loans in Avon, by Midwest Title Lender.