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Title Loans Avon Lake

We are currently not accepting applications in Ohio.

Midwest Title Lender is now offering title loans in Cleveland and title loans Avon Lake. Our business has been picking up so we’ve been opening new locations as fast as we can to help local communities make it through until the next payday.

Our number one goal is putting you first, and we know that right now times are harder than they have been in the last 20 years. If your mounting debt has been keeping you up at night, let us take that burden away from you by offering you a hassle-free title loan quote so you can see how much we can actually help you.

Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help, but not with us. We’ve made every step of the loan process easy, quick and fun! There’s nothing better than seeing how much you can get for a dusty old title that’s taking up space in your drawer and eliminating your increasing debt once and for all. When you look for title loans in the Midwest, there’s only one place you want to be and that’s right here with us.

We pride ourselves in knowing that our auto title loans in OH are helping families put food on the table and sleep better at night. Click or call today!

How to Apply for Title Loans Avon Lake

As if the process wasn’t easy enough, we made it easier and better. Now you can click on the “Apply” section to submit your instant request for a title loan. All we need is a few details about your car and your basic contact information so that one of our trained loan representatives can call you at their earliest convenience.

During your call, you can discuss your loan amount, finances and budget to determine the right loan for you. When applying for title loans Avon Lake, we have your best interest in mind during the entire process.

Here’s what you’ll need to submit for your instant loan request:

  • Basic Contact Info (Name, Phone Number and Zip Code)
  • Year of Your Car
  • Make
  • Model
  • Mileage

You’re never under any obligation to accept a loan and may even be able to negotiate the amount of the loan to better fit your budget.

Legal Regulations

Midwest Title Lender is compliant with all local, state and federal guidelines following Ohio’s auto title loan laws. This means that you must be at least 18 years of age and have valid I.D. Additionally, the vehicle must be registered in your name prior to applying for a loan with us.

A title check will be performed to ensure that there are no other liens, judgments or debts against the vehicle’s title.

Default loans may be subject to repossession after all communication efforts have been exhausted in an attempt to rectify the debt. A repossession may result in additional fees associated with the cost being added to the balance of the loan.

Benefits of Title Loans

We don’t run credit and your credit rating has no bearing on your business with us when you apply for title loans Avon Lake. We can do what most banks can’t, which is get you approved regardless of your credit situation. Our focus is building a relationship with you, not looking at the past.

You can also continue using your car despite using it as collateral while you’re repaying your loan.

Once your loan is paid in full, we will release your title back to you so you can take out another title loan later down the road if you choose to do so.