Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Shorewood, IL

Imagine getting an invitation to one of the hottest events of the year but not having a thing to wear. Since it’s a special event with a fancier dress code, you need to get something new. Unfortunately, those kinds of clothes are expensive, and you can’t afford it right now.

Where can you get your hands on money? Who would be willing to bankroll your shopping trip so you can accept that social invitation?

Well, even though you’ve probably never met the people working for Midwest Title Lender, they are ready, willing and able to get you the cash you need.
Title loans in Shorewood involve an individual using a vehicle they own outright to get a short-term loan. The vehicle could be a car, truck or other type, and its value determines how much loan money the individual is offered. Most people are approved because title loans in Shorewood, IL are based on car title collateral. There is never a credit check for Midwest Title Loans.

Title Loans Shorewood, IL Requirements

  • Be at least 18.
  • Own a vehicle to use as collateral. Vehicle’s used must be paid off, free of liens and list the applicant as owner on registration documents.
  • Have a source of income.


You will get an estimate of how much money you might get as soon as you submit your application. The application itself only take a couple of minutes to fill out, and the only information you need to do that is your name and contact details and the year, make, mileage and model of your vehicle.

A loan agent calls you after you get the initial title loan estimate, and you discuss the condition of your vehicle, which is used to make a final offer. Also discussed is how you will repay the loan, including your income and repayment dates. Once you finish everything and turn over the title you can claim the money.

Legal Information

  • Title loans in Illinois can be up to $4,000. Borrowers may qualify for the maximum loan amount based on the value of their vehicle, but they may not get the amount if the monthly payments are higher than 50 percent of the customer’s monthly income.
  • Lenders must tell borrowers how much money they will pay back, including all fees and interest charges.
  • Lenders must give borrowers a state-produced pamphlet before the borrower enters into a loan agreement. Information included in the pamphlet includes debt management services, a complaint hotline number and consumer rights and responsibilities.


  • You get the money lickety split. Within hours of filling out the application and working out loan specifics with a Midwest Title Lender representative, you are handed a cash payment.
  • Do you have bad credit? Have you filed bankruptcy? Regardless of the financial challenges you have faced, your past won’t be held against you when you apply for a title loan. There is no credit check because your car secures the loan.
  • Whether you want to pay off the loan in the exact time frame set up in your loan, pay it off early or take more time to repay, everything is an option. Borrowers paying early won’t face a penalty for doing so, and people who need more time just need to discuss it with a loan assistant.
  • By applying online for title loans in Joliet and Shorewood, IL, you avoid direct contact with a loan assistant and other people who might also be applying in person. This is great for people who value their privacy. Also, Midwest Title Lender keeps things confidential, so no one sees your private details.