Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Schaumburg, IL

A title loan is a financial product that allows a consumer to use his or her vehicle title as a collateral to acquire financing. Some consumers cannot or don’t want to take out traditional loans, and a title loan is considered an alternative lending product. It is considered an alternative lending product in part because it doesn’t rely so heavily on the borrower’s credit score like a traditional loan.

Title loans are somewhat common in Illinois, and there are 518 different title loan lenders in the state.

Process of title loans Schaumburg

Prospective borrowers can easily apply for title loans in Schaumburg, IL through Midwest Title Lender by filling out an online application and submitting it for review. The application is relatively short and simple. For the most part, the only information an applicant needs to enter is some basic personal information and vehicle information. In order for us at Midwest Title Lender to evaluate an applicant, we need to be able to assess the value of their vehicle. To do this, we need to know the vehicle’s make, model, year, and mileage.

After we have this information, we review it and make a decision as to whether or not we can offer a loan. If we are able to offer a loan, we will send back a loan offer to the applicant. Whether we offer a loan or not, we will respond to all applicants with an answer about the loan and an explanation.

After the applicant receives our response, he or she can proceed with the loan by submitting a loan agreement and his or her title to us. We must have the vehicle title before we can give out the loan funds.

After the loan funds have been deposited into the borrower’s account, the borrower will then begin paying back the loan according to the loan terms. After the loan is paid off, we will return the vehicle title to the borrower.

Legal requirements regarding title loans Schaumburg, IL

A few state laws in Illinois apply to title loans Illinois. In the state, laws dictate how much a title loan can be for. There are no legal title loans in the state offered that are higher in amount than $4,000. The state attempts to keep this type of loan low in amount so that borrowers are quickly and easily able to pay back the loan without falling into debt.

Midwest title loans in the state of Illinois also must meet legal requirements in terms of how frequently they can be taken out. A borrower cannot borrow a title loan twice within 15 days, and a borrower can only renew a title loan once.


Title loans in Chicago and throughout the state of Illinois offer enormous benefits to many consumers each and every year. The reasons why they benefit borrowers in the state include the following four factors:

  • They offer financing to those who have no other option- Title loans in Schaumburg, IL provide financing to those with bad credit or not credit. They can also provide financing to the unemployed.
  • They are easy to apply and budget for- Consumers love the simplicity of this type of loan. They can even use a calculator for title loan on our site that gives them an idea of how much they can borrower before they apply.
  • They are easy to pay back- Because loan amounts are low, paying back is easy.
  • They allow consumers to continue using their vehicles- A vehicle can multitask as collateral and as a transportation source.