Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Riverdale, IL

Bills need to be paid, and the kids need to be fed. Problem is, you don’t have enough money to do both. Obviously, you will choose to feed the children, but what about those bills? Instead of getting behind on payments, consider an option that is known for its convenience and almost guaranteed approval. Title loans in Riverdale could be the financial rescue you need.

Title loans are a type of financing in which a borrower uses their car, truck or motorcycle as collateral. The process is a simple trade of the car title for the cash. Midwest Title Lender doesn’t do credit checks because they aren’t needed when collateral is used. This makes title loans in Riverdale, IL very attractive to those whose lower credit scores often result in a rejection from a traditional lender. Requirements for title loans include being over 18, having a source of income and having some type of vehicle for loan security. Applicants need to make sure the registration for the vehicle lists them as the owner, and the car should be paid off and without liens.

Applications for Title Loans in Riverdale, IL

For the online application, click through the options for the type of car you have, then type in your name, address and phone number. Click submit, and get a quote for car title loans. A Midwest Title Lender agent will call you to finalize the particulars of the loan. Your final loan offer comes after your vehicle’s value has been assessed.

Vehicles with the same make and model are not always worth the same amount because their owners don’t take care of the cars the same way. One vehicle could be in much better condition, and that one will get a higher loan offer. After concluding the business part of things, which doesn’t take very long at all, you give us the title and you get money in return.

Illinois Legal Information

Title loans in Illinois are regulated by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. The agency mandates that lenders must be licensed, and that title loans can be no more than $4,000. The department also produces a debt management brochure that lenders are required to give to loan clients. Borrowers have the right to pay off loans early without getting a penalty.


  • Title loans in Calumet City and Riverdale, IL are available to everyone who can put up the collateral. It does not matter what your credit report has in it because title lenders don’t check your credit. If you own a vehicle and can pay back the money, you have a great chance to be approved.
  • It only takes hours to get the money. Other lending options can take days or even weeks to finish the loan procedure and tell you whether or not you are approved.
  • You can rework the loan if you are struggling to repay. Talk to a Midwest Title Lender representative about your options. You may be able to renew the loan, which would push the due date back to give you more time to make payments. It’s possible there is a way to lower the payments to make them more affordable.
  • Pay off the loan early if you’re out of financial trouble, and Midwest Title Lender will not penalize you.
  • Dodge the embarrassment of asking those close to you for money. While your loved ones are supposed to be there for you in a time of need, you don’t want to feel their pity. You also don’t want to feel like a charity case. With title loans, you get to avoid that.