Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Normal, IL

Good news! You don’t have to worry about money anymore. That’s because title loans in Normal are available right now to help you catch up on those past due bills, make those repairs to your house and stock that pantry! If you have never considered title loans or don’t know much about them, read on to find out what a great option they are for people who need a little financial help.

Use your car title as collateral and get money fast. That is the basis of title loans in Normal, which are just a way to get funds in a non-traditional way. Because your vehicle has value, it can be used to secure a loan. That means you don’t have to go through a credit check and be approved or denied based on how you previously paid your debts. Car title loans in Bloomington and Normal, IL are available for all credit types.


  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Use a personal vehicle as collateral. The vehicle must be paid off and without liens.
  • Have an income from work, unemployment benefits, alimony or another source.

Title Loans Normal Application Online

Online applications are simply forms used to collect your name, contact information, and details about the car used as collateral. That takes a couple of minutes to complete, and the applicant gets an estimate for car title loan. Then, a Midwest Title Lender agent contacts you to discuss loan details, including your source of income. During this time, you set up a payment plan and discuss the condition of your car. Any damages or upgrades to the vehicle could decrease or increase the amount of your loan offer. Vehicles may go through a quick on-site inspection. Finally, after signed the papers and giving us your title, you get the money.

Legal Information

  • Loans can be a maximum of $4,000
  • Monthly loan payments may not be more than half of the borrower’s monthly income
  • Borrowers have the right to pay off loans early, and lenders are not allowed to penalize them for doing so
  • Lenders must have a state-issued license
  • Lenders must give borrowers information about all loan fees and all interest rates and charges related to their loan.
  • Lenders must give their approved customers a debt management brochure produced by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

Benefits of Title Loans

  • An Illinois auto title loan is a no hassle loan. When you go to a traditional lender for a personal loan, they want personal information. The bank asks why you want the loan and how you will spend it. They also ask you to provide documents about your income, your banking and maybe your taxes. Even when you give them everything they ask for, your getting a loan is still depend on your credit score. With car title loans in the Midwest, there is no credit check. You only need to give the Midwest Title Lender your vehicle title. The loan money is usually handed out the same day the application is submitted.
  • Payment plans are quick because we know you want to get on with your life and not be tied to a debt long-term. However, we also know that things change. Sometimes you need a bit more time to wrap things up, so if you need that time to repay the loan, just let us know. Renewing or reworking a loan is an option.
  • Again, we only need your title. We don’t need your car taking up space in a parking lot, so you keep it. Drive it just like you always do, and when you pay off the Normal, IL car title loan, we’ll return your title.