Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Mattoon, IL

Mattoon is a college town. Your kids probably take a couple of classes at Lake Land College. Maybe you do. It’s nice to live in a town with a community college like that. What’s not so nice is what happens when you need to buy books or pay for tuition, but lack the money to do so.

Good thing there’s Midwest Title Lender. We specialize in title loans in Decatur/ Mattoon. We exist for people like you who are looking to be connected with cash fast. Because title loans in Mattoon, IL don’t require you to have good credit just collateral, the process for getting money is much simpler and faster than it is with other types of loans.

Here’s how they work. Traditional loans like signature loans require that you, the borrower, have very, very good credit. But what if you don’t have good credit and still need money? Well, if you were trying to get cash from a lending institution like a credit union or bank, you’d be out of luck.

However, title-loan lenders like us instead ask that you use your truck, motorcycle, or car as collateral for your loan. If the title to your vehicle is clear, you can borrow money from us. We don’t require good credit. In fact, some people who’ve successfully borrowed money from us in the past have had poor credit and even a bankruptcy on their credit score. But it wasn’t a problem for them and it won’t be for you. In fact, you may just find that you’re able to rebuild your credit by getting a title loan.

Additionally, most signature loans are pretty restrictive when it comes to how you’re going to spend the money. Title loans in Mattoon, IL don’t work like that. Instead, once you offer up security for the money you borrow, that money is yours to spend however you see fit. That means if tuition is due, you can pay it. Or if you need to pay off some bills, you can. Or even if you need a couple of days away, you can take them. That’s one of the real advantages of title loans.

If you feel like taking out a title loan would help you, read on down the page to learn more about the process.

Title Loans Mattoon: What Our Application Requires

Most people are familiar with the loan application that seems like it’s 10 pages long. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. You won’t find that our application is anything like that. We make it easy because you deserve it. You’re busy. You need to know right away if you can actually get your money.

How easy, you may ask? We just need information about the following:

  • What’s your name?
  • What’s your phone number?
  • What’s your zip code?
  • What make is your car?
  • What’s its year?
  • What’s its mileage?

See? Easy Peasy. And we promise, it doesn’t get any more complicated than that.

Now, you may be wondering when you’ll find out how much money you qualify for. That’s easy, too. Usually, it only takes us a couple of minutes to put together an estimate for you. That’ll be sent to you after we receive the information about your car and about you. You won’t even really need a calculator for title loans; Midwest Title Lender provides that for you.

We’ll even go the second mile and give you a call. The purpose of this call is to let you chat with a loan rep in your local area. This company professional can answer any remaining questions you have and even tell you when you can pick up your money.

Title Loans Mattoon, IL: Your Legal Safeguards

Did you know that people getting an Illinois auto title loan are automatically protected by the law? They are. In general, the title-loan industry is highly regulated by both federal and state laws and regulations. What this boils down to for you is that you get the convenience of quick money combined with the safety of banking oversight. It’s a win-win all the way around.

In keeping with these regulations, we promise the following:

  • You’ll get a contract.
  • The amount of money you’ve borrowed is in the paperwork.
  • Your interest amount is also written in your contract as is your pay-off date.
  • Any other important information pertaining to your loan can also be found in your contract, allowing you to read up on your loan terms anytime you want.

Final Thoughts About Getting a Car Title Loan

We know that it can be intimidating to apply for a loan. We want to make that process more comfortable for you. We’d love to have the opportunity to help you get back on your financial feet; pay off books and tuition; or just get away for a day or two.

Fill out our loan application today to see just how much Midwest Title Lender can do for you. It’s never been so easy to apply for title loans in Mattoon than it is today!