Title Loans Illinois

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Title Loans Lemont, IL

Have you ever heard of the Prudent Layperson Standard? Probably not, but it could allow your insurance company to deny your claim if you end up in the emergency room. Those medical bills will have to come from your pocket.

It works this way. The law says an insurance company has to pay for ER visits when the medical situation that a person has caused that person to believe their life or health was threatened. So, while those stomach cramps sent you to emergency room with an absolute certainty that your appendix had burst, it turned out to be nothing more than flatulence. Painful, but not life threatening, this situation is the type to be denied by your insurance company. Now, you’re stuck with a mini-mountain of debt. Where does that money come from? Title loans in Lemont, IL are an option.

Title loans in Lemont are fast-cash loans for people who use their car as collateral. They can also use their motorcycle or truck or another type of vehicle. By putting up collateral, there is no credit check, which means people with subprime credit scores have an excellent shot at approval.

Title Loans Lemont Eligibility

  • Be age 18 or older.
  • Own a vehicle to use as collateral. To qualify, the vehicle must be paid off or have liens, and it must list the applicant as the owner on registration papers.
  • Have a source of income. Possible sources include work, retirement, unemployment, pension, alimony or disability benefits.


Online applications for title loans in the Midwest only require you to put in your name and contact info and the details of your car, such as its make and mileage. After this, you get a title loan estimate, and a Midwest Title Lender assistant calls you to determine a final offer. This is done by examining the condition of your vehicle since its value is what the loan is based upon. You and the agent also discuss income and repayment dates and set up a time for you to collect your cash. Once you turn in the title, the money is yours to take.

Illinois Legal Information

  • Borrowers may get up to $4,000 in title loan money. They may not get an amount that requires them to make payments of more than 50 percent of their income a month.
  • Early payoff of title loans in Illinois is allowed, and borrowers are not to be penalized for paying early.
  • Lenders must be licensed by the state.


  • Title loans are easier and faster than traditional loans. While everything involved in the title loan process is typically wrapped up within hours, bank loans take weeks. Title loans have a short application and very little other paperwork, but bank loans have plenty of forms for you to fill out. Plus, Midwest Title Lender doesn’t care about your credit history so we don’t do credit checks. You will also get one at the bank, and that means you could get a big, fat rejection of your loan application.
  • Title loans free you from the anxiety of asking friends and relatives to bail you out. First, you don’t want to do that because it exposes your financial problems. Second, you don’t want to put a strain on your relationships by owing someone money. What if you can’t pay them back on the date you promised? They may be understanding, or they may need the money and were counting on getting it when you said you’d pay. That puts everyone in a bad spot. Avoid all of that uncomfortableness with the ease of title loans in Orland Park and Lemont, IL.